Composition on Perov’s painting “Old Parents at the Grave of a Son”

Vasily Grigorievich Perov is a famous Russian artist. He made a great contribution to painting. To his works belongs the canvas “The Old Parents on the Grave of a Son,” written in 1874. Perov has visited many countries in his life, but most of all he was attracted to France, which later became his second home. It was here that he discovered all his talent as an artist of everyday painting.

Refining his skills, after a few years in the French capital, he returns to Moscow, explaining to his French friends. that he wants to understand the soul of man. In search of inspiration, he turned to Russian literature – the works of Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov and other classics.

The canvas “The Old Parents on the Grave of a Son” is made in the traditional style of Russian realism. Many critics still tend to the fact that the theme of the canvas was taken from the same title of Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons.” The central figures of

the composition include the depicted old man with an old woman who came to the grave of their beloved son, who died a few years ago, but still loved for these people. The faces of the child’s parents are hidden from the eyes of the audience, but it’s not difficult to guess what they feel. The woman stooped, hid behind her husband from the outside world to hide all her sadness.

The old man looks more resistant, but still shows his unbearable bitterness, no matter how diligently she was hidden. This married couple looks closely at the grave, and on her husband’s face it is already clear that humility has come to their soul and understanding of what happened. Parents are constantly next to the deceased son, wanting to reimburse all the lost time that was during his lifetime.

In this picture, the artist reproduced as accurately as possible every small detail, with an incredible transfer from each element of his energy and his design. Perov chose dark tones, not pressing on a person, but rather relaxing and enveloping in their space. He does not use changes in design and decoration, so as not to distract the viewer’s attention from the deep history of the picture.

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Composition on Perov’s painting “Old Parents at the Grave of a Son”