Painting by Makovsky “Minin’s Appeal to Nizhny Novgorod”

In my opinion, this picture is the most famous of patriotic works.
It is over 40 square meters in size.
The work was written in 1896 and was first presented at the show in Nizhny Novgorod.

The picture shows an early morning.
Time of the year is autumn.
The alarming ringing of the bells gathered the whole city on Torgovaya Square.
On an improvised hill, the zemstvo elder Minin addresses the people with the goal of collecting money for the militia, in order to evict foreign enemies from Moscow.

Very beautifully depicted towers of the Kremlin in Nizhny Novgorod.
Their impressive size does not attract attention compared to the congestion of people.
Kuzma Minin is depicted in the picture as a national hero.
Closing our eyes, we can hear his request, and even respond to it.
We respond not only we, but also people of different generations.
Through his heroes Makovsky depicts the people.

Critics with different opinions reacted to this masterpiece, however, in the opinion of historians, the disputes concerning this work can still be heard.

All that we can feel looking at the picture.
This is a historical moment, or rather its importance.
The artist sings our people, conveys in its description the scope of the movement in the liberation of Russia.
At the moment, there are not enough works that could inspire us to study history.
After viewing the picture, I wanted to learn more about this event, to get more into history.
Only a person who does not care about the history of his state can not think about looking at this masterpiece.
I like such pictures, they involve me to participate in the painted event.
Become one of them, through the time difference.

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Painting by Makovsky “Minin’s Appeal to Nizhny Novgorod”