Painting by Tropinin “Guitarist”

Tropinin Vasiliy Andreevich was born in 1776. From his earliest childhood Tropinin was fond of drawing. This occupation he had to liking.

He came from a simple serf family, they did not have enough money to live. It is for this reason that Vasily Andreevich, when he was forced to earn money by his labor in his childhood, but this was absolutely not a burden for him, moreover, he liked to come to the house of the person who gives him work, because it was somehow connected with the world of art, even if not directly.

Professionally engage in art, Vasily Andreevich Tropinin began to study at the age of twenty-two. For his life, Vasily Andreevich Tropinin created about three thousand picturesque paintings. Vasily Andreevich Tropinin, most liked to write his paintings with living people. He had to like to capture someone’s beautiful image, which entered his soul in his picturesque picture.

For example, one of the famous paintings by Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin,

which is called “Guitarist.” This is perhaps one of the last paintings painted by the famous and talented artist Vasily Tropinin. In this picture the main figure of the young man is depicted, apparently his age is a little more than twenty years.

In the hands of a young man holding a guitar, which plays a melody, it can be understood by the inclination of the guitar and the arrangement of his fingers on the strings. In the eyes of a young man, a certain thoughtfulness is very clearly visible, as if he recalls his beloved girl and during the recollection plays some melody, probably romantic, based on the fact that in his eyes the slight excitement is as clearly reflected.

Judging by the picture, the young man who is depicted on it is a professional guitarist of that time. This can be understood from his clothes worn by people of those times.

The picture of Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin, in my opinion, turned out to be very lively. Because the eyes of the guitarist are not completely faded, moreover, the artist was able to capture the feelings of the young guitarist and the thoughts that can be read in his eyes.

The picture as a whole winds, when you look at it, peace of mind and some kind of romance. I think that Tropinin has put his whole soul and love into this picture.

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Painting by Tropinin “Guitarist”