Common questions to the country Mongolia

1. What natural complexes can be identified in Mongolia?

On the territory of Mongolia, one can single out natural complexes of forest-steppes and steppes, deserts, and in the mountains – landscapes with high altitude zones, where mountain taiga and deciduous forests are replaced by alpine meadows.

2. Use the integrated map to determine the areas of cattle breeding. How are the activities of nomadic livestock farming affecting the characteristics of life and everyday life of the population?

The Gobi Plateau is a region of cattle breeding, the basis of Mongolia’s agriculture. Sheep and goats are grazing in dry steppes. Breed cows, horses and camels. Nomadic cattle breeding was widely spread. Shepherds live in yurts, drink koumiss, prepared from mare’s milk, feed mainly on horse meat.

3. Indicate the reasons for the sharp continentality of the country’s climate.

The sharp continental climate is associated with remoteness from the seas and oceans, the formation of high pressure in winter with low temperatures. In summer, the air temperature reaches +30 ° C, characterized by high seasonal and diurnal temperature amplitudes.

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Common questions to the country Mongolia