Biography of David Duval

David Duval – a golfer, was born on November 9, 1971 in Jacksonville, Florida. Best known as the winner of the 2001 British Open Championship.

David Duval in 2001 received the title of champion at competitions in the UK. This victory silenced those who believed that Duval, although a good player, but will never win the championship. In 1995, Duval joined the professional golf association. In 1999, he was considered the first number among golfers around the world. Later, he lost this title to rival Tiger Woods.

Duval was one of the pioneers of the new golf course. He paid as much attention to training, a good physical condition, as much as skill. In addition, the player became famous for his stance, invariably present on the face during the games of the sunny points. However, in 2002, his games became a mysterious way to fail. So Duval completely returned to the sport only in 2004. A new season for David in the professional golf association showed that he is no longer an unsurpassed, elite player.

Additional information: On that day of 1999, when the sportsman won the championship, his father Bob also won the championship round of professional golf. David Duval studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology. During this time, he was named the player of the year twice. In March 2004, Duval married Susan Persichitta.

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Biography of David Duval