Biography of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill – Prime Minister, political and statesman of Great Britain, Nobel Prize winner, writer.

Born Winston Churchill November 30, 1874 in Blenheim, Oxfordshire in a wealthy and influential family. Until eight years in the biography of Winston Churchill his nanny was engaged in his upbringing. And then he was sent to study at St. George’s School, later transferred to a school in Barayton. Churchill studied at the Harrow School, where, in addition to his knowledge, he received excellent skills in fencing. And in 1893 he began to study at the Royal Military School, after which he received the rank of junior lieutenant.

He did not serve for a long time in the hussar regiment – he was sent to Cuba. There Winston was a military correspondent, typing articles. Then he went to a military operation to suppress the uprising of the Pashtun tribes. At the end of hostilities, Churchill’s book The History of the Malakand Field Corps was published.

The next campaign, in which Churchill took part, was the suppression of the uprising in Sudan.

At the time of his resignation, Winston Churchill was known as an excellent journalist. In 1899, he unsuccessfully ran for parliament. Then, participating in the Anglo-Boer War, he was captured, but managed to escape from the camp. In 1900 he was elected to the House of Commons from the Conservatives. At the same time, a novel by Churchill – “Savroles”. In December 1905, considering the brief biography of Churchill, he was occupied with the post of Deputy Minister for Colonial Affairs. In 1910 he became Minister of Internal Affairs, and in 1911 – First Lord of the Admiralty. After World War I became Minister of Armaments, then Aviation and Military Minister. In 1924 he again entered the House of Commons. In the same year he became Chancellor of the Treasury. After the elections of 1931, he founded his own faction in the Conservative Party.

On May 10, 1940, Churchill assumed the post of prime minister. He himself took up the post of Minister of Defense to direct all military actions. In 1951, in the biography of Churchill again was occupied with the post of prime minister. He remained in office until April 1955. Churchill died on January 24, 1965.

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Biography of Winston Churchill