Biography of Vladimir Turchinsky

Vladimir Evgenievich Turchinsky – actor, TV presenter, singer, writer, sportsman.

Vladimir was born on September 28, 1963 in Moscow. Already in his childhood, sport took an advanced position in the life and biography of Vladimir Turchinsky. Vladimir was engaged in wrestling, then Sambo. He decided to get higher education at the Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, but after studying for two years, at the third year he voluntarily left to serve in the army’s landing troops. Having served, he graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture, becoming a coach.

Good physical preparation was useful in Turchinsky’s biography in the years of perestroika. He worked as a bodyguard for the stars. Vladimir changed many jobs, for example, he was a teacher, a photographer, a security guard.

Turchinsky is fond of various sports. He received the title of master of sports in judo, a candidate for master of sports wrestling, and also is fond of American football.

The first glory in the biography of Vladimir Turchinsky was obtained thanks to the show “The Fight of the Gladiators”, where he was known as Dynamite. In 1998 he became the most powerful athlete of Russia.

Career on television began with the project “Star-Start”, then began to conduct the program “Mom, Dad, I’m a sports family.” He starred in the film “Cobra, Antiterror.” Since then, in his biography Turchinsky led the program “Fear Factor”, “The Strongest Man”, as well as humorous shows “Laughter without Rules”, “Slaughter League”. Also Vladimir showed himself as a musician – he has been singing in the Guarana group since 2002, as a writer – in 2006 he published the book Explosive Philosophy.

On the morning of December 16, 2009, Vladimir died of a heart attack.

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Biography of Vladimir Turchinsky