Biography of Barack Obama

Biography of Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama – junior senator of Illinois, 44 US president. Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

After graduation in his biography, Obama spent two years in the Western College of Los Angeles. Then he moved to Columbia University for the International Relations Department. In 1983 he received a bachelor’s degree. By that time had managed to get a job in the International Business Corporation, the research center of New York.

Over time, when in his biography Barack Obama moved to Chicago, he began to work as a public organizer. He did not leave school, he began to study law at the Harvard University School, where he also worked as an editor of a legal journal.

In January 2005, he became a senator, and by 2008 had already earned the title of 11th in the influence of the US senator. In November, he resigned his post. In February 2007, he nominated himself for the presidency of the Democratic Party. Becoming the first candidate who refused to finance the campaign by the state, the election race was carried out with the help of donations. In the photo Obama looked confident during the pre-election speeches, and his speeches sounded ideas of a quick end to the war with Iraq, the construction of universal health care, energy independence.

Obama’s election was a success. Of the 538 votes of the Electoral College, 338 votes were given for him. President-elect Obama will be inaugurated in January 2009.

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Biography of Barack Obama