Biography of Sasha Cohen

Sasha Cohen – a figure skater, was born on October 26, 1984 in the city of Westwood, California. Best known as the 2006 US Figure Skating Champion. At birth she received the name of Alexander Paulin Cohen.

Alexandra’s elegance, as well as her gymnastic style, helped the sportswoman to become famous, to find fans in 2000. That year, she unexpectedly was in second place in the women’s championship in the United States in figure skating. This competition was won by Michelle Kwan.

As a result of a back injury, Sasha Cohen missed the 2001 competition. And in 2002 she was again the second after Michelle Kwan in the national championship. Good performance allowed Sasha to be included in the US Olympic team in 2002 in Salt Lake City. In addition to Cohen, the team had such stars as Kwan, Sarah Hughes. Cohen was fourth at the Olympics after Hughes, Russian Irina Slutskaya, Michelle Kwan.

In 2006, Sasha Cohen won the title of US Champion for the first time. Michelle Kwan of that year did not participate in competitions because of a back injury. At the Winter Olympics in Toronto, Cohen received a silver medal, she was circumvented by Japanese figure skater Shizuka Arikawa.

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Biography of Sasha Cohen