Biography of Roman Trakhtenberg

Roman Lvovich Trachtenberg is a showman, humorist, actor, presenter, writer.

Roman was born on September 28, 1968 in Leningrad. When Roman turned a year, his mother, Tatyana Lvovna, divorced Lev Shcheglov. So Roman grew up with his stepfather and took his name – Trachtenberg. He worn this surname until he came of age, and later used it as a pseudonym for appearances.

For two years Roman studied at the Vaganova Choreography School. During training at the school, the biography of Trachtenberg was filled with all sorts of hobbies. He studied at the theater of the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers, performed together with the children’s choir of radio and television. And then began to study at St. Petersburg State University. But this education in the biography of Roman Trachtenberg was never finished. After leaving the university, military service followed.

Higher education Trakhtenberg received in the Institute of Culture named after Krupskaya, where he specialized

in directing. After graduation, he taught in his native walls club directing. And in 1999, in the biography of Trakhtenberg, a candidate’s degree was awarded to culturologists.

As an artist Trakhtenberg showed himself already in 1993, when he began performing in the cabaret “Art Clinic.” Then Roman became director of the “Formal Theater”, a few years later – director and art director of the cabaret “Hali-gali.”

The debut in the movie in the biography of Roman Trakhtenberg took place in 2000. After that he starred in several other films: “Russian Special Forces”, “Lines of Fate”, “The Game without Rules,” “The House by the Tumbling”, “The Gastroller”, “Generation P”, and also in the TV series “Happy Together”, ” “,” The way of the male “,” GAI officers “.

Career of the TV and radio presenter in the biography of Roman Trakhtenberg was started in 2000. Then he began to conduct the program on the radio “Europe Plus”. After

leading “Money does not smell,” “Next” on the first musical channel “Muz-TV.” Roman became the presenter of “Russian Radio” in 2005, and in 2008 – on the radio “Mayak”.

For his biography Trakhtenberg published several books: “The Way of the Male,” “Do You Want to Become a Star?”, “The Tourist”, “Bra for a Hero,” and 35 collections of anecdotes. He was married twice, raised a son, who paid much attention.

Trakhtenberg died on November 20, 2009 in Moscow. After the broadcast on the radio Roman had a heart attack. The arrived ambulance workers pumped the presenter directly on the street, but did not have time to hospitalize and stabilize his condition. Roman Trakhtenberg died of an acute myocardial infarction.

To Roman Trakhtenberg, people treated differently, but no one remained indifferent to his flamboyant, lively humor.

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Biography of Roman Trakhtenberg