Biography of Rika Ankel

Rick Ankel is a baseball player, was born on July 19, 1979 in Fort Pierce, Florida. Best known as the unbridled reliever of St. Louis, who was hitting the outside of the field.

Pitcher “St. Louis Cardinals” Rick Ankel threw the ball with his left hand. In his biography, Rick Ankel most attracted the attention of the public, when in 2000 he lost the ability to make throws. After a successful record of 11-7 per season, Ankel unexpectedly lost control of the playoffs against the Atlanta Braves team. He one by one made throws over the head of the receiving player. Rick Ankel did not have obvious physical problems. Then they assumed that the athlete has psychological problems.

Ankel returned to the “Cardinals” team in 2001, but the situation was repeated again. For this reason, Ankel was sent to the lower league. After a long struggle, he stopped acting as a pitcher, changing his position. Then Ankel again signed a contract with the “Cardinals”, but already in the role of an outfielder. The athlete missed the 2006 games season due to knee injury. But in August 2007, successfully returned to the main league, making a home run in the first game for the “Cardinals” as an outfielder.

Additional information: other players with similar difficulties in the rolls were Chuck Knoblauch, Steve Sachs, reliever Steve Blass.

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Biography of Rika Ankel