Biography of Pedro Calderon

Pedro Calderon de la Barca is a famous playwright and poet of the golden age.

Pedro Calderon was born on January 17, 1600 in Madrid. His father was a secretary of the treasury, a nobleman. The first education in the biography of Calderon was received at the Jesuit College of Madrid. Then he studied at the universities of the cities of Salamanca, Alcalá de Henares. Not finishing his studies, he went to serve in the Spanish troops.

The first literary work of Calderon de la Barca was written in 1623. It was a play called “Love, Honor and Power.” His teacher in the literary career was Lope de Vega. By 1635 the playwright had gained great fame in Spain. Pedro Calderon for the whole biography wrote about 120 dramas and comedies, many other works. Among Calderon’s plays, there are groups that reveal questions of honor and love, philosophy and thought over fate, and, of course, comedy intrigues. One of the most famous works of the author is “The Steadfast Prince”, “The Lady of Ghost”, “The Adoration of the Cross”, “Life is a Dream”, “The Doctor of Conscience”, “The Great Theater of Peace”, “In a Quiet Quagmire” and others.

Spanish King Philip IV consecrated the knights of Calderon, who in turn wrote to the order for plays on the royal court. In 1640-1642 he took part in the suppression of the Catalan Rebellion Rebellion.

Then Calderon became a member of the monastic order of Francis, and later – a priest. After this, literary works of Calderon have changed significantly, have acquired an allegorical connotation. Since 1663 Calderon was the spiritual father of King Philip IV. Last years Calderon’s biographies were held in poverty. The playwright died on May 25, 1681.

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Biography of Pedro Calderon