Biography of Johann Strauss

Biography of Johann Strauss

Johann Strauss Jr. is a famous Austrian composer, conductor.

He was born on October 25, 1825 in Vienna. Johann’s father was the famous composer Johann Strauss.

In the family, Strauss had seven sons, all of whom later became musicians. Strauss’s biography in childhood was far from music. Father forbade Johann to play, not wanting to see the boy’s future in the musical direction. Officially studying at the Polytechnical School, the future composer Strauss learns music in secret from his parents. Only after the father’s departure to another family, Johann, without hiding, takes lessons.

In 1844 in the biography of Johann Strauss was given the right to conduct in the Viennese magistrate. Johann organized a small orchestra playing his works. Strauss’s

music at the first performance impressed the audience, who saw in the composer a rival to his father. From this moment a fierce struggle arose between father and son.

Strauss senior, using his connections, could limit the range of his son’s speeches. Meanwhile he continued to play at social events. Perhaps he feared that his son would be a much better musician. Along with this, there is a divorce between parents, in which the father leaves the family practically impoverished. But unexpectedly in 1849 Johann’s father dies. After that, the father’s orchestra without reservations joins the orchestra of his son. The music of Johann Strauss became so popular with the public that he was invited to all concerts and balls.

Having received an invitation to speak in Russia in 1854, the composer immediately agreed, leaving his brother Joseph in his place. Polka, waltzes of Johann Strauss quickly gained recognition. In 1862, he married Etti Trefts, who had great support in the life of Johann Strauss.

In 1860-70, one of the composer’s most famous works was created: “Tales of the Vienna Wood”, “Blue Danube”. Speaking in the UK, USA, France, Strauss’s works further strengthen the author’s success in the world. Written in 1874, Strauss’s operetta “The Bat”, his share of popularity gets only 20 years later. After Etty’s death, Johann married twice: on actress Angelica Dietrich, then on Adele Deutsch. Waltz Strauss “Adele” is dedicated to his third wife, whose marriage was very happy. His next works were of varying success. Strauss died on June 30, 1899 from pneumonia.

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Biography of Johann Strauss