Biography of Ostrovsky

Biography of Ostrovsky

Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky is a famous Russian writer and a talented playwright. The founder of the modern Russian theater, the founder of the Art Circle, a corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences and the winner of the Uvarov Prize.

Early years. Education and career.

Born March 31, 1823 in Moscow, grew up in a merchant’s environment. His mother died when he was 8 years old. And the father got married again. There were four children in the family.

Ostrovsky was educated at home. His father had a large library where little Alexander first began reading Russian literature. However, his father wanted to give his son a legal education. In 1835, Ostrovsky began his studies at the gymnasium, and then entered the Moscow University at the Faculty

of Law. Because of his hobbies with theater, literature, he never completed his studies at the university, after working as a scribe in court at the insistence of his father. In the courts Ostrovsky served until 1851.

Creativity Ostrovsky

In 1849 Ostrovsky’s work “His people – we will be counted!” Was written, which brought him literary fame, he was highly appreciated by Nikolai Gogol and Ivan Goncharov. Then, despite the censorship, many of his plays and books were published. For Ostrovsky works are a way to truthfully portray the life of the people. The plays “The Thunderstorm”, “The Dowry”, “The Forest” are some of his most important works. Ostrovsky’s play “The Dowry”, like other psychological dramas, unconventionally describes the characters, the inner world, the torment of heroes.

Since 1856 the writer participates in the issue of the journal Sovremennik.

Ostrovsky Theater

In the biography of Alexander Ostrovsky, theatrical work occupies an honorable place.
Ostrovsky founded the Artistic Circle in 1866, thanks to which many talented people appeared in the theatrical circle.

Together with the Artistic Circle, he significantly reformed, developed the Russian theater.

Ostrovsky’s house was

frequented by famous people, among them IA Goncharov, DV Grigorovich, Ivan Turgenev, AF Pisemsky, Fedor Dostoevsky, PM Sadovsky, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, Leo Tolstoy, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, MN Ermolova and others.

In a brief biography of Ostrovsky, it is worth mentioning the appearance in 1874 of the Society of Russian Dramatic Writers and Opera Composers, where Ostrovsky was chairman. With his innovations, he achieved an improvement in the life of theater actors. Since 1885, Ostrovsky headed the theatrical school and was the head of the repertoire of Moscow theaters.

Personal life of the writer

It can not be said that Ostrovsky’s personal life was successful. The playwright lived with a woman from a simple family – Agafia, who had no education, but was the first to read his works. She supported him in everything. All their children died at an early age. With her Ostrovsky lived about twenty years. In 1869, he married the actress Maria Vasilyevna Bakhmetieva, who gave birth to six children.

Last years of life

Until the end of his life Ostrovsky was experiencing financial difficulties. Hard work has exhausted the body, and health increasingly led the writer. Ostrovsky dreamed of reviving the theater school, which could teach professional acting skills, but the writer’s death prevented the long-planned plans.

Ostrovsky died on June 2, 1886 on his estate. The writer was buried next to his father, in the village of Nikolo-Berezhki, Kostroma province.

Interesting Facts
    Ostrovsky knew Greek, German and French from childhood, and later learned English, Spanish and Italian. All his life he translated plays into different languages, thus, increased his skills and knowledge. The creative path of the writer covers 40 years of successful work on literary and dramatic works. His work influenced the whole era of theater in Russia. For his writings, the writer was awarded the Uvarov Prize in 1863. Ostrovsky is the founder of modern theatrical art, followed by such outstanding personalities as Konstantin Stanislavsky and Mikhail Bulgakov.

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Biography of Ostrovsky