Biography of Kingsley Amis

Sir Kingsley Wee? lyam Amis is an English writer.

He attended St. Johns College, Oxford received a bachelor’s degree in 1949, and also taught for about 20 years in Oxford, Swansea, Cambridge and the United States before he could afford to become a full-time writer.

His first and most famous novel, “Lucky Jim”, is a brilliant comedic satire about academic life, classifying the protagonist as one of the English angry young people.

His rise in cultural and social frustration has always been well intertwined with a good sense of comedy, this is also evident in other novels such as: “Those Undoubted Feelings” and “Selecting a Girl That Feels Like It.” Often they turned into extreme anger, and sometimes misanthropic wild misogynist motives – in later novels: “Ultimately,” “Things that belong to Jake,” “Stanley and the Women,” “Old Devils” and “Russian Girl.”

As for the other novels of Ames Kingsley, “Anti-Death League” and “Colonel Sun: The Adventures of James Bond” are spy and espionage novels; while the “Green Man” is a ghost story; “Girl of 20 years” – a comedy, but “Murder at a villa in Riverside” – a detective novel.

In addition to several volumes of poetry, Emsis Kingsley published not art works, such as “Socialism and Intellectuals”, “What became of Jane Austen?” , “The use of alcoholic beverages.”

In 1990, Emsis Kingsley was awarded the non-hereditary noble title “Knight” and the title Sir.

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Biography of Kingsley Amis