Biography of Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis – tennis player, was born in Kosice, Slovakia. Biography Martina Hingis is known as a biography of the three-time winner of the Australian Championship.

Martina started professional sports at the age of 14, quickly becoming one of the leading tennis stars. In 1997, she won almost all the Grand Slam competitions, winning the Australian championships, the USA, Wimbledon, and losing only at the French championship.

As a furious rival, she thought through all the blows. In 1997, 1998, 2000 she was considered the first tennis player in the world in singles. By the end of 2000, Martin had earned about $ 15 million thanks to tennis tournaments. For some time she was part of a star duet with Anna Kournikova.

In 2002, Hingis received an ankle injury, announced that she would leave the competition. However, three years later, she returned, officially announcing her decision on January 2, 2006 during the women’s Australian Championship on the asphalt court.

In November 2007, Martina again left the sport after reporting that her urine tests had a positive effect on the content of cocaine in the body. Hingis rejects the use of drugs, saying: “I do not really want to spend a few years of my life denying the use of drugs.”

Additional information: The mother of the sportswoman says she named her daughter Martina in honor of Martina Navratilova. Hingis was born in Slovakia. She moved to Switzerland in 1987, after her mother was married again. During the stay of the sportswoman in the first place of the rating, she was at enmity with her siblings: Serena and Venus, which received wide publicity.

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Biography of Martina Hingis