Biography of Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a traveler whose work The Book on the Diversity of the World has had a great impact on the research of Asian countries.

Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice in a merchant family.

The first journey in the biography of Marco Polo is in 1271. Then, together with his father and uncle, he went to Jerusalem. Later, Marco went to China. On the way I visited Pamir, Mesopotamia, Kashgariya. In his works he describes the geographical locations of cities, traditions, crafts of the Chinese and their life. Polo carried out various assignments of the khan, promoted the development of China, three years he was governor of Yangzhou.

After staying in China until 1291, Marco Polo was finally sent by the khan to Venice. And on the way visited Iran, Ceylon, Sumatra.

After returning to his homeland, the biography of Marco Polo is not accurate enough. During the war with Genoa, Marco was captured, freed from which only in 1299 returned to Venice. Marco Polo died in 1324 in Venice. Among the books of Marco there are records that tell not about the travels of the author, but about the trips and opinions of other people. For example, this is the book about Russia.

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Biography of Marco Polo