Biography Bokshtein Ilya Veniaminovich

Biography Bokshtein Ilya Veniaminovich

(11.03.1937 – 18.10.1999)

Bokshtein Ilya Veniaminovich (11.03.1937, Moscow – 18.10.1999, Holon (a suburb of Tel-Aviv), Israel). Grandfather B. was the chief massacre of the Moscow synagogue. My father, compositor, died when B. was three years old. He was brought up by his mother, a typist. I was ill with bone tuberculosis, I was bedridden for seven years, I was left for life as an invalid.
In 1955 he graduated from the school, unsuccessfully tried to enter the philological faculty of Moscow State University. Until 1958 he studied at the technical school of communication, but did not finish it. In 1960 he entered the Moscow Library Institute.
From 1955 he constantly visited Moscow scientific libraries – he read pre-revolutionary and Western literature

on history and philosophy. I myself studied English. In the late 1950s he became interested in Jewish history and culture. Soon I got acquainted with a circle of mystic writer Yuri Mamleev and the company of “Zamoskvoretsky Socrates” – a group of “unofficial” philosophers, translators and culturologists. In 1959-1960 he talked a lot with the “Lianozovites”. In 1960-1961 participated in meetings of young people in Mayakovsky Square, spoke there with political speeches. He was the most radical orator, openly proclaimed anti-communist slogans and defended the idea of ​​a constitutional monarchy (in his opinion, as natural a form of government for Russia as democracy for the US). “Little stature, humpy very temperamental, he was more brave than anyone else. If we did not declare ourselves anti-communists, he simply said: “I am an anti-communist.” Down with Soviet power, down with communism, Nehru believes that the Communists have lagged behind the progress for 100 years, I disagree with him, I believe that they have fallen behind for 500 years “(from the memoirs of Vladimir Osipov, cited in: Polikovskaya, LV We are a premonition… forerunner… M., 1997. P. 178).
Detained on August 6, 1961 on Mayakovsky Square during another speech, the next day he was arrested.
Condemned by the Moscow City Court (February 9, 1962), together with V. Osipov and E. Kuznetsov, although to their conspiratorial activities had nothing to do. Sentenced under art. 70, part 1 [7], and 72 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to five years of camps.
The term served in the Mordovian political camps, was highly respected among political prisoners. He wrote several philosophical works: “Extramonism”, “The Essence of Diamat”, “Classification of Philosophical Systems” (all remained unpublished). In the camp he accepted Orthodox baptism, began to write poetry.
He was released in August 1966. In order to register in Moscow, he was forced to feign mental illness, spent several months in a general psychiatric hospital. He was discharged in August 1967.
He continued to write poetry, studied foreign languages. Communicated with the priests Dmitry Dudko, Gleb Yakunin, deacon Boris Khaibulin.
On the advice of V. Osipov decided to emigrate. The Moscow Zionists organized and paid for his departure. In February 1972 he emigrated to Israel. He lived on a disability pension, then retired. He wrote poems, philosophical-religious and linguistic treatises in Russian. Published in the magazines “Zion”, “Time and Us”, “Gnosis”, “22”. In 1986 he published a book of poems “Glare Waves”.
He was buried in Tel-Aviv in the Ha-Yarkon cemetery.

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Biography Bokshtein Ilya Veniaminovich