Biography of Elena Berkova

Elena Sergeevna Berkova – porn actress, TV presenter, former participant of the reality show “Dom-2”.

Elena was born on April 1, 1985 in Mykolayiv. For the first time in her biography, Berkova married in 2001. Her elect was the Armenian Albert, and at the time of painting Elena was only 16 years old. To obtain official registration of a new family, Lena provided a certificate of pregnancy, of course, fictitious. But the family life of the young couple was not so easy. The husband was extremely jealous. After a year of living together, the couple divorced, and Elena went to St. Petersburg. There in the biography of Elena Berkova began a new period.

Having only a portfolio with her, Lena turned to various modeling agencies. But in return I heard refusals. In 2003, in her biography, Lena Berkova first starred in a porn movie. And soon after that she gained the status of a real porn star.

Then she passed the casting on the show “Dom-2”,

becoming one of the brightest participants during the entire existence of the project. But when they learned about the pornographic past of Elena on the television project, she was asked to leave the stage.

The next stage for Berkova in her biography is connected with a new love. In 2005 Elena married Vladimir Khimchenko. The marriage broke up in 2007. In October of the same year, Berkova tried herself as a TV presenter. She led the program “Undisputed” on the channel “Muz-TV.” But the project was closed in 2008. Also Elena is the owner of four marriage agencies, two of which are in her home town of Nikolaev. The foundations of business were laid during the first marriage of Elena.

In December 2008, Elena married. The third elect in the biography of Elena Berkova became a striptease Ivan Belkov. Elena again managed to shock the audience by spending the first wedding night on the stage of the club where the wedding was celebrated. At the end of June 2009, Elena gave birth to a son.

In March 2009 Berkova announced her decision to fight for the post of mayor of Sochi. Elena approached the matter in all seriousness, made up the election program, shot a video. But this time Lena Berkov in the biography was waiting for failure, the plans were not destined to come true. According to producer Alexander Valov, the registration of the candidate was denied because the electoral deposit as a result of the theft was never delivered.

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Biography of Elena Berkova