“Truncated Spit, or Shaved” Menandra in Brief Content

The text of the comedy remained only fragmentary, but the philologists carried out its reconstruction.

The action takes place on Corinth Street. There are two houses on the stage. One belongs to the mercenary commander, chiliarch Polemon, the second to the parents of the young man Moshion.

The Goddess of Ignition tells a traditional story, but it is built in a different way.

During the birth, the wife of the Athenian merchant Patek dies. This sad event coincides with the other: the Pateka ship with goods is dying on the sea, the merchant is completely ruined. And not to raise children in poverty, Patek decides to throw them to someone. Abandoned twins, a boy and a girl, finds a poor old woman. It is already hard for her, the years are taking their toll, and there is an endless war in Corinth…

Moshion’s boy gives the old woman to the rich Athenian Mirinne, who has long been dreaming about her son, and leaves the girl Glykeru at home. Moshion is

brought up in the house of the wealthy Mirinna, knowing nothing of failure, Glikera is growing modest and diligent. But a half-ruined existence forces the adoptive mother to give a beautiful pupil to Polemon. The Corinthian commander is crazy about a beautiful lover.

Before her death, the old woman tells Gliker that she has a brother living next to him. Moshion, who is unaware of this, starts courting Glicker. In the absence of Polemon, he looks for intimacy with her and kisses her. Glikera, thinking that his brother knows everything, does not resist kissing. But suddenly, Polemon returns home and, in anger, cuts the Glykera plait with his sword.

After that, Polemon, enraged by the “betrayal” of Glicker, accompanied by squire Sosia leaves for the village. And insulted by the groundless suspicions of Glikaer asks her neighbor Mirinna to shelter her at home. Unthreatening, but extremely curious Dove, Moshion’s slave, decides that the mother did it in the interests of the son-fool. Yes, and arrogant young man, who now and then boasts of his successes on the hetaera, I am sure of my irresistibility…


angry and homesick in rural seclusion, sends home a reconnaissance squire. But slow and sleepy Sosia does not report any news. Sent again, he still discovers that in the house of his master there have been changes.

The drunk Polemon with his soldiers is going to storm the house of Mirinna in anger, where Glikera took refuge. But appearing on the stage Patek convinces the raging commander with the storm to wait. For it will be against the law. After all, without being married to Glicker, he does not have the right to dictate to him his will: “… a crazy thing / You’re started.” Where are you riding? / For whom? Why, she herself is the head! “

Polemon tells Pateka how well Glicker lived with him, shows her rich outfits. And he gave all this to his beloved!

In the meantime, the unsuspecting Moshion expects that Glikera herself will rush into his arms. And Patek, fulfilling the request of Polemon, is sent by the parliamentarian to the house of Mirinna. Just at this time, at the request of Glicker, the servant-slave Dorida brings a box from the house of Polemon with the things of the girl. Yes, with the very things that were found with the abandoned babies!

When she thoughtfully looks through the jewels, Patek, who is present, finds out the deceased wife’s things. He tells Gliker how her mother died, how he went broke and decided to get rid of the children. The girl confirms that she has a brother, and calls his name.

Invisibly stealing up at this time, Moshion hears everything and feels disappointment and joy at the same time – after all, he has found a sister who, of course, can not be his mistress…

Polemon, not finding a place for excitement, eagerly waiting for news. A servant of Dorid assures him: everything will end well. But Polemont does not believe that his beloved will forgive him, and he himself hurries to Mirinna’s house. Patek and Glycera come out to meet him. The old friend solemnly declares: he agrees that Polemon should marry his daughter. In the dowry for her, he gives three talents. Polemon is happy and begs to forgive him the rash insults and other sins of jealousy.

Moshion is both happy and upset. But the father reports that he also found a good bride. So, to everyone’s joy, comedy ends.

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“Truncated Spit, or Shaved” Menandra in Brief Content