Biography of Alexander Povetkin

Biography of Alexander Povetkin

Povetkin Alexander Vladimirovich is a Russian sportsman, Honored Master of Sports of Russia in boxing. He was born on September 2, 1979 in the city of Kursk. Now the height of the boxer is 188 cm, weight – 103 kg.

A successful boxer graduated from the Kursk branch of the Moscow State University in the legal field. Alexander’s family life is developing successfully, he is married and has a daughter.

Alexander started boxing for the first time in 1992, before that the sportsman was fond of other kinds of combat: hand-to-hand, wushu, karate. At the time, Alexander did not take boxing as a serious sport. Strongly training, the boxer won his first tournament. It should be noted that Alexander won all tournaments in Kursk. Serious preparation, orientation only on strong

contenders has hardened the sportsman still in youth. Unsuccessfully performed at the first European championship among juniors in 1997. But in three years Alexander got the title of the champion of Russia.

As for the amateur career in the biography of Alexander Povetkin, then among 132 fights the athlete lost only in seven. At the same time, the boxer earned the title of the champion of Russia, Europe, Asia, the World and became the Olympic Champion. In professional boxing also earned several victories. In particular, in the summer of 2005 he defeated Mohammed Ali Durmaz, in the winter of the same year – Willy Chapman, in the spring of 2006 he knocked out Richard Bango and Afraday Ahunanya won the points in a six-round fight. In 2006, Alexander also won victories in battles: in the summer he knocked out Livin Costillo, and in the fall Eda Mahone. In 2007, Alexander Povetkin won the battle with Larry Donald, defeating the opponent in 10 rounds out of ten. In October of the same year, the boxer knocked out in a heavy fight Chris Byrd, former world boxing champion in the category of heavyweight.

All the victories in the biography of Alexander Povetnik is difficult to enumerate. The main sporting achievement of Alexander is, perhaps, a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. Among his other achievements are the victory at the Goodwill Games in 2001, the victory at the World Championship in 2005 and the European Championships of 2002, 2004.

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Biography of Alexander Povetkin