Biography of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is an American baseball player, the first African American participant in the modern major league. He was born in Cairo, Georgia. He grew up in Pasadena, California. There, the biography of Jackie Robinson was famous for his outstanding athletic performance in high school and college. During visits to the University of California, Los Angeles, he won a good reputation in baseball, basketball, football, athletics.

Robinson left college to support his mother. But in 1941 he began to engage in professional football with the Los Angeles Bulldogs of the Pacific League. During the Second World War, Jackie joined the army. He returned as a lieutenant in 1945.

In October 1945, Brunch Ricky signed with Robinson a contract under which Jackie was supposed to play with the Montreal Royals – the Brooklyn Club of the International League. Despite several incidents during the spring training, a lot of inconvenience during the season, Robinson showed an excellent game in place of the second baseman, winning on average points in the betting.

The athlete became the first African American baseball player in this league. African Americans then did not play in the big leagues. But resistance declined when Robinson showed a first-class game. In 1949, he won the biggest result in betting in the National League. For this he was named the most valuable league player.

All his sports biography Jackie Robinson played for the “Brooklyn”. There he set a record for felding, betting, earned a reputation for taking bases. Soon after the debut of the athlete, other African Americans began to play in the main league. In 1962, Robinson became the first African American elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Biography of Jackie Robinson