Biography of George Cayley

George Cayley is an inventor working on the creation of flying devices: gliders, balloons, helicopters.

After receiving his primary education in the biography of Kaylee, the future inventor devoted himself to the study of chemistry, electricity. He was also fond of aeronautics, aeronautics, aerodynamics.

In 1804 George began to conduct experiments on the creation of an aircraft. He created the idea of ​​an engine, where the pump pumped air, filling the cylinders. An article about such a device was published in 1807, in the same year the device was tested. In the following year, several gliders were designed.

In 1809, 1810, he published his articles on the work of such a glider, research with him. These works were considered fundamental aerodynamic concepts. For example, the relationship between the speed of the glider and the lifting force, voltage, load of the wing. Also, Kaylee suggested using more streamlined shapes for the aircraft.

After the inventor’s airframe flew three meters with a man on board, Cayley got carried away with the idea of ​​creating a balloon. He examined, studied the most suitable forms for the ball, dimensions, weight and other important characteristics. George Cayley explored the differences between balls when they were filled with hydrogen, hot air. As a result, in 1837 in the biography George Cayley was patented the idea of ​​building a motor working in hot air.

In addition, Kaylee put forward the idea of ​​creating a hydrogen engine. Continuing to conduct new experiments, the inventor did not leave his research on the improvement of the glider.

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Biography of George Cayley