Biography of Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels was Minister of Propaganda in Germany of the Third Reich. His post meant the dissemination of information and ideology.

Beginning of life

The infamous Nazi Paul Josef Goebbels was born on October 29, 1897 in Reidt, Germany. Was the third of five children. Goebbels graduated from the Roman Catholic Church and after studying for five years at the University of Heidelberg, in which he mainly studied history. Goebbels had a clubfoot, because of which he was unable to take part in the First World War.

Goebbels graduated from the University of Heidelberg in 1922, defending his doctoral dissertation in German philosophy. After graduation, he decided to become a writer, and even wrote an expressionist story “Michael: ein Deutsches Schicksal in Tagebuchblattern”. He fell into the nationalist trend that spread throughout the country on the eve of the war.

The Nazi Party

In the autumn of 1924 Goebbels became the head of the cell

of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, and two years later Hitler was appointed head of the party in one of the districts of Berlin. In 1927 Goebbels founded the newspaper Der Angriff, a weekly national-socialist newspaper, and in 1930 was appointed Hitler for the post of head of the NSDAP propaganda.

Having occupied the post, Goebbels began to create around Hitler the myth of the Fuhrer, fueling his large-scale congresses of the population and thereby turning the German population into Nazis. He also worked on the creation of posters, the publication of propaganda information. Goebbels used his bodyguards to incite street fights, and also vigorously fueled political uneasiness.

His propaganda control extended to all sources of information at that time – newspapers, radio, films, theaters, literature, music and even art. He became a man who was feared, especially Jews, who became objectionable to Nazi ideology. In 1932, by order of Hitler, Goebbels organized a boycott of business owned by Jews. In 1933, he burned books that were considered insufficiently German, which once again put Jews

at risk. “The age of absolute Jewish intelligence has come to an end,” Goebbels said. During World War II, Goebbels’s propaganda machine worked full-time: in his mouth the defeats turned into victories, and the fighting spirit grew with every informational message.

Total war

When in 1943 Nazi Germany allies pinned to the wall and demanded complete surrender, Goebbels began to adhere to the idea of ​​a total war that would mobilize military and national resources, as well as the entire population of the country to win the war, in fact having only two variants of events – a complete victory, or complete defeat.

In 1944, Nazi Germany decided to go under the plan of Goebbels, and in July of the same year Goebbels was appointed commissioner for total military mobilization.

But by the end of April 1945 Germany lost the war, and Hitler dictated his statement and the last will Goebbels, according to which it was Goebbels who became the head of the Third Reich. The next day – May 1, 1945 – instead of taking command, Goebbels ordered the poisoning of six of his children, and he and his wife Magda committed suicide in the bunker of Hitler in Berlin.

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Biography of Joseph Goebbels