Biography of Anderson Sherwood

Biography of Anderson Sherwood

Anderson Sherwood is an American writer and novelist who was born in Camden, Ohio.

After a brief service in the army during the Spanish-American War, he became a successful advertising specialist and then director of the paint factory in Elyria of Ohio.

Frustrated by this life, he left his work and his family members and went to Chicago to become a writer, it was a steep turn in the biography of Anderson Sherwood.

His first novel, “The Son of Windy MacPherson” tells of the life of a boy in Iowa. This novel was followed by the short story “The Marching Man” – a chronicle about the plight of a working man in an industrial society.

In his most famous work, “Winesburg, Ohio” closely related stories in which he explores the loneliness and frustration of life in small towns. This work contains, perhaps, the most successful expression of the theme that dominates all of Anderson’s works – the conflict between organized industrial society and the subconscious instincts of man.

In his next novels The White Poor, The Many Marriages, The Dark Laugh, he continues to study, with less skill, the spiritual and emotional futility of a success-oriented machine century.

The unique talent of Anderson Sherwood, however, is best expressed in his short novels. Collections such as “The Triumph of the Egg”, “Horses and People” and “Death in the Forest” contain some of his most compassionate and heartfelt recordings.

In 1927 Anderson moved to Marion, Virginia, where he bought and began editing two newspapers, one of the republican direction, the second – a democratic one.

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Biography of Anderson Sherwood