Biography of Alexander Zhulin

Biography of Alexander Zhulin

Alexander Vyacheslavovich Zhulin – skater, coach.

Alexander was born on July 20, 1963 in the Queen of the Moscow Region. For the first time in his biography, Alexander Zhulin skated at the age of five. Then it was for the general improvement of health that the grandmother brought her to the rink. When Alexander showed a talent for figure skating – well slipped and jumped, he was sent to study in the section. Since then, the biography of skater Zhulin has become known as an Olympic champion and an excellent coach.

To become an Olympic medalist, Alexander trained a lot. In his childhood twice a day he went to training, and from 9 years went to train in Moscow. Then in Zhulin’s biography a certain period was spent in the boarding school at a sports school. He took part in competitions and championships from the 4th grade of the school, went for a drive himself, only in 17 years began to ride in pairs.

In 1998, Alexander first became a bronze medalist at the Olympic Games. The second time he won bronze in 1992. And already in 1994 took the second place in the discipline “Sports dances” of figure skating at the Olympic Games.

In the biography of figure skater Alexander Zhulin training always took its due place. Alexander liked to help, to teach his partner. Then he became coach of Tatiana Navka, who won gold at the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin. Alexander Zhulin and Tatyana Navka are married and have a daughter.

Alexander Zhulin participated in the project “Stars on Ice”, and in the project “Ice Age” was a coach.

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Biography of Alexander Zhulin