Biography of Alexander Nevsky

Biography of Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky – Prince of Novgorod, Kiev, Vladimir, a great commander and a talented diplomat.

Early years

He was born on May 13, 1221 in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. He was the son of the Prince of Pereyaslav Yaroslav Vsevolodovich. In 1225, on the decision of his father in the biography of Nevsky, a dedication to the soldiers took place.

In 1228, together with his older brother was transported to Novgorod, where they became princes of Novgorod lands. In 1236, after the departure of Yaroslav, he began to independently defend the lands from the Swedes, Livonians, Lithuanians.

Personal life

In 1239 Alexander married the daughter of Bryachislav Polotsky, Alexandra. They had five children – sons: Vasily, Dmitry, Andrei, Daniil,

and also the daughter of Evdokia.

Military Activities

The biography of Alexander Nevsky is remarkable by the large number of many victories. So, in July 1240 the famous Neva battle took place, when Alexander attacked the Swedes on the Neva and won. It was after this battle that the prince received the honorary nickname “Nevsky”.

When Livonians took Pskov, Tesov, they got to Novgorod, Alexander again defeated his enemies. After that, he attacked the Livonians on April 5, 1242 and also won.

After the death of his father in 1247 Alexander went to the board of Kiev and “The whole Russian land.” Kiev at that time was ruined by the Tatars, and Nevsky decided to stay in Novgorod.

Prince for 6 years reflected the attacks of enemies. Then he left Novgorod for Vladimir and began reigning there. At the same time, wars with the western neighbors continued. In military campaigns the prince was helped by his sons – Vasily and Dmitry.

Death and heritage

Alexander Nevsky died on November 14, 1263 in Gorodets and was buried in the Christmas monastery of the city of Vladimir. By order of Peter I his relics were transferred to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in 1724.

Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky is given an exceptional role in the history of Russia. In all his life the Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky has not lost a single battle. He was considered the favorite prince of the clergy, the patron of the Orthodox Church. It can be briefly described as a talented diplomat, commander, who was able to protect Russia from many enemies, as well as to prevent the campaigns of the Mongol-Tatars.

Today, his name is given to streets and squares, monuments have been erected in his honor, and Orthodox churches have been erected in many cities of Russia.

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Biography of Alexander Nevsky