Biography of Sylvester Stallone

Biography of Sylvester Stallone

One of the most famous militant stars of all time, Sylvester Stalonne became famous for his roles as boxer Rocky Balboa and veteran of the Vietnam War, John Rambo.

Early years

Actor, screenwriter, director and producer Sylvester Stallone was born July 6, 1946 in New York. The brightest star in the horizon of the fighting genre, Stallone has gained immense fame in the world of big cinema, playing the roles of boxer Rocky Balboa and veteran of the Vietnam War, John Rambo. The gloomy appearance, which became his business card, is actually a consequence of a medical error when using forceps at his birth. The result was a damaged facial nerve and a lifetime indistinct speech.

Stallone’s childhood was difficult. He and his younger brother Frank did not experience

a feud between their parents, which ended in a divorce. Sylvester spent some time at the orphanage. Soon, his mother takes him back, and his further life passes in Philadelphia, where the mother is getting married a second time. Stallone faces a serious struggle, both emotionally and in school. After being expelled from several educational institutions, the boy enters a specialized high school for difficult teenagers.

Nevertheless, after her graduation, Stallone continues her education. At first he studies acting at the American College in Switzerland. After that, he enters the University of Miami, finally deciding to devote his life to acting. But he leaves the university, never having finished his studies, and goes to New York to try his luck in acting.

The promising actor

Before starting her career, Stallone, barely making ends meet, undertakes any work. He cleans cages for lions in the Central Zoo of New York, earns a ticket at the cinema and even starred in movies for adults, in the movie “Italian Stallion.” Soon, this adds a few remaining unnoticed roles in Woody Allen’s “Bananas”, as well as in the movie “Clute.” In 1974, he gets the more important role of a tough guy in the independent film “The Lords of Flatbush”, in which he starred along with Henry Winkler

and Perry King. Around this time, Stallone marries the beautiful Sasha Chuck.

Stallone is interested not only in acting but also in writing. He writes a script about a tough guy, a thug who desperately wants to catch his chance to become a professional boxer. According to some sources, Stallone flatly refused to sell the manuscript unless he was given a major role in the future film. Even though he had a pregnant wife and serious financial difficulties, Sylvester continues to search until he finds two producers, Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff, who agree to give him the lead role.

The hero of the militants

Released in 1976, the movie “Rocky” has a huge commercial success and receives enthusiastic feedback from critics. The film is nominated in ten nominations for the Oscar, including for the best male role and for the best original script. A serious competition in the nomination “Best movie of the year” “Rocky” was made by the paintings “Taxi Driver”, “All Presidential Staff” and “Teleset”. Having received the description of “a weak picture with a powerful message,” “Rocky” triumphs. The story of Rocky, the quintessential image of a loser, found a response in the hearts of movie lovers and brought the film revenue of $ 117 million.

Following this stunning breakthrough, Stallone withdrew as a member of the union defending the rights of workers in the movie “Fist”. Criticism of the film responds positively, but he does not attract much public attention. Returning to the film that brought him fame, Stallone acts as a screenwriter and director, as well as playing the main role in the film “Rocky 2”. A few years later, in 1982, the franchise will continue in the tape “Rocky-3.”

In the same year, Stallone will present the world with a new hero – John Rambo, deprived of the civil rights of a dysfunctional veteran of the Vietnam War – in the film “The First Blood.” After experiencing the injustice of local authorities, Rambo declares war on the police of a small town. Again, Stallone beats all records of commercial success. In his next project, “Staying Alive”, Sylvester remains behind the scenes, acting only as a screenwriter and director of the film, which is the sequel to “Saturday Night Fever” with John Travolta in the title role and strongly inferior to his original.

Returning to developing herself as an actor, Stallone starred with Dolly Parton in the movie “Rock Crystal”. However, the picture is a complete failure in the commercial and in terms of criticism. Nevertheless, fans continue to queue at theaters, seeking to see Stallone in his brand roles in “Rocky-4”, “Rambo: First Blood -2”, “Rambo-3” and “Rocky-5.”

Recession of career

By the mid-1990s, Star Stallone began to fade. He works on a number of films that have only a fleeting success: “Judge Dredd” and “Daylight.” Leaving aside the world of high-budget militants for a while, in 1997 Stallone appears in a secondary role in the independent drama “Policemen” along with Harvey Keitel, Robert de Niro and Ray Liotta. His acting as the sheriff of a small town in New Jersey, inhabited by former policemen from New York, receives a flurry of positive reviews.

Returning to her leading position in the genre, Stallone starred in the criminal thriller “Remove Carter”, but the film was met ambiguously. After that, Sylvester takes up writing a script for the sports drama “Racer”, in which he also co-acts and plays the main role. During the entire rental period, the film will collect a little more than 32 million US dollars, which can not be compared with the former successes of “Rocky”. The next attempt, “Shadow”, remains unnoticed.

Stallone again takes up the theme and writes the last chapter of his most famous work. The plot development of the hero Rocky Balboa to some extent reflects his own career Stallone. The former heavyweight champion, who for a long time left the ring, decides to go to another decisive battle. “My life at the cinema really started to die somewhere about ten years ago, so I had a lot of time for introspection… and this has its own bitter joy.” That’s why I wanted to write this script. If I were continuously shooting in films, but also in successful, I would not write, “- says Stallone in an interview with the magazine” People “in 2007. Fans crowd in the queue to see the last fight of Rocky, and the film collects 70 million US dollars.

Later, Stallone returns to his second hero, John Rambo. He not only plays a major role in the film “Rambo”, but also acts as his screenwriter and director. The new part continues the bloody legacy of its predecessors. As the critic from “Entertainment Weekly” noted, the film “is drowning in the staggering cruelty by the very edges of the boots”. Critics could have attacked Rambo as much as they liked, but that did not stop him from attracting enough fans to get a $ 42.7 million box office.

In 2010, Stallone, along with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwartznegger, appears in the movie “The Expendables”, where Jason Statham from the Carrier series, mixed martial arts fighter Randy Couture and martial arts expert Jet Li are also starring. Stallone in the film also acts as a director and screenwriter.

Outside camera lenses

After years of constant attacks from critics, the cause of life Stallone suddenly begin to appreciate. In 1992, he received the prize “Caesar”, the French analogue of the “Oscar”, and in 1997, his actor’s work is awarded at the Stockholm Film Festival. In 2008, Stallone became the first actor to receive the Golden Icon award at the Zurich Film Festival.

Stallone was married three times. His current wife is the former model of Jennifer Flavin. The couple is raising three daughters: Sophia, Sistina and Scarlet. From the first marriage with Sasha, Chuck and Sylvester have two sons, Sage and Seth.

On July 13, 2012, Stallone’s eldest son, Sage Moonblad Stallone, was found dead in his own home in Los Angeles. After the death of his son – a 36-year-old actor who played with his father in the films “Rocky-5” and “Daylight” – Sylvester first appears on people only in August, on the TV show “Good Morning America!”. Regarding Sage’s death, he says: “They say time heals, and you just try to survive it, but it’s very difficult, that’s what happened in your life.” I think it’s very important to go back and start your life again. you will come back to this again and again. “

Current Projects

In 2012 the cast of “The Expendables” is going again to film the continuation of the film, “The Expendables-2”. The premiere took place in August 2012, and the tape breaks out into first place at the box office, bringing in just one week 28.6 million US dollars. In the summer of 2014 on the screens the continuation of the film “The Expendables-3” was released.

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Biography of Sylvester Stallone