Biography Honore Daumier

Biography Honore Daumier

Honore Daumier is a French cartoonist, painter, sculptor. Biography Daumier is widely known as the story of the great social satirist of his days.

Being the son of a Marseilles glazier, he moved with his family to Paris in 1816. There he was educated at Lenoir, he also studied lithography. Soon, Daumier began to perform caricatures to the weekly “Caricature”. In 1832, the image of Louis Philip served as the basis for the conclusion of Domier in prison for six months.

Two outstanding lithographs “Rue Transnonain”, “Le Ventre legislatif” testify to the early style, the bitter, ironic vision of the artist. After the suppression of “Caricature”, his works appeared in “Charivari”, where Daumier ruthlessly ridiculed the bourgeois society in a very realistic style.

Enjoying at one time the implementation of caricatures, today Daumier is regarded as one of the best masters of his craft. Also for the biography of Honore Daumier was executed about 200 small paintings with dramatic power, stylistically close to lithographic prints. Among them: Christ and His Disciples, Republic, Three Lawyers, romantic Don Quixote, The Third-Class Carriage.

Also, Daumier performed about 30 sculptures – small, painted busts. Examples of his work in this area are in the Walter Art Gallery, Baltimore. In recent years, the artist suffered from progressive blindness.

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Biography Honore Daumier