The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Sleeping Princess”

Everyone who has at least once seen the pictures of the remarkable Russian artist VM Vasnetsov, will forever be fascinated by his skill and ability to create in his works a special magical world of Russian fairy tales, songs, epics.

The painting “The Sleeping Princess” takes us to a real fairy tale. Bright juicy colors only emphasize the unusualness of what is happening before us. Painted tower, bear and peacocks, sitting on branches, jester and young guslar, emerald greenery of forests – all this is like a child’s joyful sleep. So it was, we found...

just the moment when the princess pricked her finger with a spindle, and a terrible prediction came true – not only the girl, but the whole huge kingdom fell asleep. People, birds, animals, flowers and trees – everyone is asleep. It seems that not a single breeze dares to disturb the enchanted palace, no sound will come here.

Very picturesque managed to convey VM Vasnetsov relaxed sleeping poses. And how diverse, their faces are different! Each person has his own character.

Using literature, Russian epic, VM Vasnetsov managed to create a real masterpiece of art.

The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Sleeping Princess”