Summary of “Conduit and Schwambrania” by Cassil

Summary of “Conduit and Schwambrania” by Cassil

The main characters all live in Pokrovsk. The story is written on behalf of the author.

Conduit and his younger brother, Oska, lost the queen from the set of chess that belonged to his father. They were punished by putting them in a corner. Then they came up with the country Schwambrania and began to play it. By the time the missing queen was found, the father had already made another, and they took the lost queen as the Guardian of the secret of Schwambrania. They imprisoned her in my mother’s grotto. This game lasted several years. The country was shaped like a tooth, and was surrounded by the ocean. Schwambrania fought with Balvonia and Caldonia. Conduit was the ruler of the country, Oska the postman, and wore letters calling for war. Schwambrania always won. The country was inhabited by seafarers and water tourists. All of them walked on Breshka. The most important navigator was Jack. He accompanied the sailors and knew many languages.

The whole house of Conduit was for the big boat player. The father-doctor was the captain of the ship. Conduit describes his father positively: he always joked, but when he was angry, my mother always softened his blow. His father was a doctor, he often had to make calls at night. Children rolled on the cart until one day my father pushed them into the ditch. Oskinym favorite occupation was to fish in the aquarium: he pulled goldfish and arranged them a lavish funeral in matchboxes. One day he decided to brush his teeth

with his father’s toothbrush. For this she spoiled his hands. Then my father gave the children a little kid. He ripped off all the wallpaper, ate his father’s trousers and gave it to no one.

Conduit liked to read “Around us, from where he learned about everything, Oska also has a great vocabulary, but does not know the meaning of half of the learned words.” Once he met in the park with a priest, deciding that it was a woman. “Pop educated Oska in religious questions, and his maid Annushka showed them a wedding in the church, then the children decided that Shvambrania would be a heavenly kingdom, and the priest was called a hematogen. All the bosses were divided into classes: the parents were liquid, the director of the gymnasium and the teacher was gummy, the floor was gaseous tion.

Once their cousin, Mitya, came to them. He spoke ill of God, and for this he was expelled from the gymnasium in Saratov. He considered it his sacred duty to foul high-ranking officials. Once the Meeting of Commerce arranged a masquerade ball. All the children were also invited there. To spite the landowner, Mitya took Marfush with him in the suit of a mail envelope. This costume took first place, and Marfusha was presented with a gold watch. Zemsky chief liked it, he wanted to get acquainted with her, but she was stolen. When the father told Zemsky that Marfusha was their servant, he was furious.

Once an unknown person threw a shoe on the porch and a note on the porch. It said that whoever approached this huge shoe would be his wife. Everyone blamed Mitya for this. Conduit was taken to the gymnasium, after having shaved his nalyso. All the summer before entering the gymnasium they were at the dacha. In the gymnasium on the first day he was torn off all the buttons. In the confectionery Conduit and his mother met the director of the gymnasium. Children should not have been seen in entertainment establishments – they were immediately recorded in a book, where they kept records of fines. The directors nicknamed Fisheye were all very afraid. Zap-Tsarapich watched to ensure that students strictly followed the requirements from the book of fines. But the inspectors were respected. If someone was guilty, he was kept in the corner for an hour, and then allowed to go home. Earlier in Pokrovsk there were no calls – instead of them hung handles made of wire. But the doctor was the first to make an electric call. Also there lived the Athos Recruit. He was a master for fixing calls. Conduit and his brother often stayed with him, chatting about books. Once in the People’s Garden there was a fight, after which everyone was forbidden to show up there. When the students began to resent, Oska proposed to protest, cutting off all calls in the city. Then the Athos Recruit had many visitors. No one else gave a phone call. Zemsky chief had spent, but he was again cut off. And it was his own son. Then the Baptist ordered the Pharaohs to find thieves, thrusting them fifty rubles. Pharaoh found a fragment of the manifesto, where the name of the Zemsky son was indicated. Pharaoh went and pissed the director. He also complained about Atlantis, and Bindyug himself surrendered. All of them were expelled. Joseph told the director that the whole gymnasium was to blame for the phone calls, so let him take the expelled ones back. To follow the observance of the orders in the gymnasium became even stricter. Teachers of Latin – Tarakanus and Dlinnoshee constantly put two students and a stake, and the history teacher likes to put everyone standing up. Frenchwoman always goes offended. Once, Conduit ran away from the janitor on the roofs. So he made friends with the girl Taisa. He secretly told her about Schwambrania, and she took it and tell this to some unfamiliar boy. Once Konduit and Oska fought, taking the cook’s daughter prisoner. Klavdyushe received a letter that her son had lost his hand. The children were very sorry for her. They constantly bothered the teacher: they poured gunpowder under their feet, prevented his tobacco with pepper. The teacher could not stand it and complained to the director. The disciples began to often meet wounded soldiers, and soaked in the spirit of war. Oska had a ring with a portrait of Nicholas II. Gymnastic boys and a female gymnasium were taken on an excursion to the city. The end of 1916. On December 31, Conduit’s parents met their friends. His classmate came to see him, Grishka. They went for a walk and, seeing the horse of some master, decided to ride it. But the horse was so amused that he did not want to slow down. When it seemed Tsap-Tsarapich, the injurious horse immediately froze. Tsap-Tsarapich promised that he would write them down in a book as misleading and deal with them after the holidays. When he asked if it was possible for the children to ride a horse, they answered in chorus that yes, it is possible. He sat on a horse, and she ran. When the master came out, he did not find his horse and called the police. After the holidays Tsap-Tsarapich did not tell the children anything. Oska found out, that there is a connection between the round Earth and the round globe. A call came from Uncle Lesha, who asked Conduit to tell his parents that a revolution had been made. The king is deposed. The Conduit wanted to go out into the street and tell everyone about the revolution. This time Zap-Tsarapich included him in the book of fines. In the gymnasium, Conduit told everyone about the revolution. In the portrait of the king, hanging in the classroom, they stuck a cigarette. It looked as if Nicholas II was smoking. Corresponding with the girls’ gymnasium, the students found out that the girls were also for the revolution. Atlantis overheard that the teachers are plotting against the director. When there was a demonstration, the director was sick and he was not there. The committee excludes the director. He in his priests forgets his ears. The director went to the parents of the students. Conduit’s father was the secretary of the Parent’s Committee. Parents are afraid that their children were given freedom. They think that then the children will completely regain their senses. In the gymnasium instead of evaluations now “good”, “satisfactory”, “unsatisfactory”, “bad.” An excellent Arkasha started to study for free. Arkasha loves Lucy, but the mother is against their meetings. He was upset, lost weight, slowed his progress. Then he decided that Barinov was nowhere to be found anywhere else, and sent her a letter. The letter, however, was not delivered to the destination: it was intercepted by the teacher, who long afterwards ridiculed Arkasha for everyone. Then Arkasha realized that the difference still remains between paid and free. He was upset, lost weight, slowed his progress. Then he decided that Barinov was nowhere to be found anywhere else, and sent her a letter. The letter, however, was not delivered to the destination: it was intercepted by the teacher, who long afterwards ridiculed Arkasha for everyone. Then Arkasha realized that the difference still remains between paid and free. He was upset, lost weight, slowed his progress. Then he decided that Barinov was nowhere to be found anywhere else, and sent her a letter. The letter, however, was not delivered to the destination: it was intercepted by the teacher, who long afterwards ridiculed Arkasha for everyone. Then Arkasha realized that the difference still remains between paid and free.

Conduit also wanted to participate in meetings and rallies. Together with the Boy Scouts, they did good deeds. They burned the book of fines in the fire, where the diaries were already burning. In the summer of 1918 they were in the village of Kvasnikovka. There they beat the nettle and trampled on the toadstools. Much has changed for their absence: the wine store of one bourgeois was spoiled. The Gymnasium of Conduit was connected with the female. They themselves recruited themselves girls into the classroom. The pupils of the higher primary school also arrived, but they did not like the gymnasium students. The girls had their own game – “peepers”. In the evenings, at the dances, the Conduit class watched that boys from other classes would not invite their girls to dance. Gymnasts snacked tea refined sugar, this is a very scarce product. Conduit tea with sugar did not drink, but dragged him home and hid in a hiding place. In the dining room he gave out sugar. Bindyug proposed to divide the remaining sugar equally. When Conduit refused, he received a bandwagon. I fell down and stuffed a bump on my forehead. When Oska went to school, Conduit told him how not to get beaten. In “peepers” no one has played, all were engaged in the French struggle. A new history teacher liked the gymnasium students. All catch up on the gaps in algebra. The teacher deals with the students after the lessons, the parents are shocked. The Conduit class suggested that “Beshniki” compete in algebra. parents are shocked. The Conduit class suggested that “Beshniki” compete in algebra. parents are shocked. The Conduit class suggested that “Beshniki” compete in algebra.

That day they were sitting up for the preparation until midnight, and on the way back they were arrested by a patrol, because it was only possible to walk until eleven. They were justified, that went to a drugstore to buy castor oil. In the class of the hero, Bindyug won, but later it turned out that he was cheating, and the sugar had to be divided equally. The commissioner asks after the lesson to draw posters about the syepnyak. The students wanted to eat, but they agreed. Soon that commissar got sick with typhus. Then he began to recover, but still could not walk because of weakness. Conduit was carrying books to him. On a visit to the commissar, they played glances. Conduit wanted to treat the commissioner with sugar, but someone had already outstripped him. Conduit and Oska created mortality in Schwambrania. Oska said that a soldier stopped him on the street and asked for him in Schwambrania. It seems to Conduit that Oska actually believes in this country. When he told about it at school, they laughed at him – there is no such country. Then it turned out that the soldier was not interested in Schwambrania, but in the staff barrage. Three aunts came to visit. Two of them karavatyvat. He began to educate Conduit and Oshka, and his father took them to live in another house, while saying that aunts are pathetic slaves of things. He asked the children to despise things. But when they took and broke the dish, the father called it vandalism, and explained that before you despise things, you need to learn how to earn them. When my mother was not at home, they took her piano. Mom shocked: she hid in the piano expensive fragrant soap, which she was brought from abroad. And the children there were Schwambran documents. Then Condit went to help my mother pick up the package. He played for all polka and read ditties, and my mother played “Prince Igor”. Everyone liked it. When the commissioner recovered, he settled next to them. At first Oska played with the commissar in “Lyapki-Chopka”. Then my father started playing with them. With the next room settled La Bazri de Bazan. He was a military man, but somehow his aunt called him a marquis. Soon a commission came to them, which fought desertion. The soap bundle was missing. Then the parcel was found at the Marquis. He also had Schwambrania cards. The children had to tell the boss about their country. The chief laughed. The family moved again. Every day they went with their aunts to the theater of Lunacharsky. In Pokrovsk it became fashionable to go to the theater. Even children were taught theatrical art. Conduit and Oska were also stuck there. When his father left for the front, Conduit remained in the house for the elder. The famine began. Conduit teaches the diploma and the bill for a pound of meat per month. Sugar from its savings is issued to the family only on holidays. Mother traded a quarter of kerosene for the grotto of seashells. Schwambrania also suffers a decline, settling in the possessions of the Ugry. When he and Oska studied the house of the dead, they fell into the basement, where someone grabbed them. It turned out that Kirikov is a filthy person who invented magic water there. Then the cousin Dina came to the family, and stayed with them. Conduit and Oscia, she immediately became pretty, especially after her aunt had shut up. Dina started working as a library manager. There, the children created a circle of writers. The commissar fell in love with Dean. Dad fell ill with some kind of rash, and Atlantis died. Conduit and Oske got tired of playing in Schwambrania, and they went to Kirikova. It turned out that he invented not magical water, but real moonshine. When my father arrived, he had a yellow face, A huge, thick beard with lice. The library wanted to close because of a lack of firewood. Conduit proposed to saw Schwambrania, who was in the house of the Ugry for firewood. So Schwambrania ceased to exist.

The cover was renamed the city of Engels. Recently, Conduit came there to visit Osku, who became a father. He still does not know the meaning of some words. They tell the children about Schwambrania and remember themselves as children. The city has changed.

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Summary of “Conduit and Schwambrania” by Cassil