Summary “A Girl With Nothing Will Happen” Bulycheva

The end of the XXI century. The girl Alice went to first grade. Since the morning, she was congratulated by numerous friends not only from Earth, but also from other planets.

When the bustle subsided a little, Alisin Dad decided to write down a few stories about his daughter and transfer them to Alisina’s teacher. Maybe these stories will help her raise such a frivolous person as Alice.

Up to three years Alisa was a normal child, but then she had the ability to “disappear at the most inopportune time” and make discoveries that turned out to be “beyond the power of the greatest scientists of our time.” Alisin’s parents – a father, a cosmobiologist, an employee of the Moscow zoo, and a mother who builds houses in different places on Earth and on other planets, it was not easy to keep Alice from dangerous adventures.

I dial the number

Alice did not want to fall asleep for a long time, and her dad threatened to pro videodefine

Baba Yage. Who did this, Alice did not know, and the Pope had to explain for a long time that “Baba Yaga, the bone leg is a terrible, evil grandmother, who eats small children.” Naughty. ” She is angry and hungry because she lives in a dense forest, and her hut is old, without a product pipeline.

Alisa was very interested and began to ask the pope immediately to see Baba Yage. Tom had no choice but to dial the number at random. He went to the Martian embassy. A sleepy Martian with green eyes without eyelashes saw Alice and confirmed that Baba Yaga lives with them and will certainly come if the girl does not go to bed.

Late at night, when Alice was already sleeping, her father again called the Martian from the embassy. He asked for help and complained that the embassy still can not fall asleep. The Martians rummaged through all the encyclopedias and videophone books, but they could not find the address of Baba Yaga.


In the landslide on the banks of the Yenisei, tourists found an egg of a bronzosaur, perfectly preserved in the permafrost. The egg was brought to

a Moscow zoo and placed in an incubator. Hundreds of scientists and journalists came to Moscow – all expected when the brontosaurus hatch.

At the time when the eggshell finally cracked, Alice was near the incubator – they came here with a group of journalists. From that day, she began to come every day to the bronzaw, which Brontey called.

Brontosaur quickly grew. He was transferred to a spacious pavilion with a swimming pool and began to feed bananas and bamboo shoots. Soon Brontë lost his appetite and became sad. He lay down on the bottom of the pool and was about to die. The best doctors of the world came to Moscow, but the brontosaurus stubbornly refused any food.

Alisa was at that time staying with her grandmother and about the illness Bronti heard on TV. The next day she appeared in the brontosaurus pavilion, climbed into the corral and began feeding the Brontu with a white bun, saying: “Eat, Brontia, … otherwise they’ll starve you to death here.

The crisis has passed. Thirty-meter-high Brontia became Alice’s best friend and often rolled her over the corral on her back.


Alice’s father flew to the Martian conference and took his daughter with him. Showing Alice Mars, Dad gave it to a special boarding school for terrestrial children. The Martians built a beautiful town under the dome, where the children of working on Mars earthlings lived. The dome was filled with earth air, and in the town grew earth trees. Going on an excursion to the Martian city, the children wore space suits.

It was impossible to get lost on Mars – any Martian, when he saw a lonely child in a spacesuit on the street, would certainly take him to a boarding school. But Alice still managed to disappear. A terrible commotion arose, because this did not happen in the whole history of Mars. All teachers of the orphanage, robots and Martians were looking for Alice, who disappeared during the walk.

Oxygen in the spacesuit was enough for only three hours, and after two hours of searching Papa began to worry – this adventure of Alice could end badly.

Found a girl in the depths of the Martian desert, two hundred kilometers from the dome. On a walk, Alice climbed into a mail missile to search for a letter from her mother. When the rocket flew, the girl got scared, began to press all the buttons in a row and accidentally launched an emergency landing. Having got out of the rocket, Alisa saw a mound, and in it – a door, behind which a room with unfamiliar equipment and a stone pyramid was discovered. There Alice found out which side of the dome, and calmly went home, and on the way she was noticed by the rescue team.

Alice’s discovery struck scientists, because the girl found the structure of the Tutex – a very ancient and mysterious Martian race. Until now, scientists have found only scattered in the desert stone pyramids.

Two months later, my father saw in the magazine a perfectly preserved image of the tutus, discovered by scientists on the pyramid. The image seemed familiar to the pope. He showed the picture to Alice, and the girl confessed: in the room she was very bored, and she scribbled a portrait of a daddy on the pyramid.

Shy Shusha

Alice used her extensive connections and found herself in a group of children who had met the interstellar expedition that had arrived from Sirius. There the girl got acquainted with the commander of the expedition, Poloskov, and he gave her a fur coat – a six-footed beast, similar to a kangaroo, with large dragonfly eyes.

The expedition discovered shush on one of the planets of the Sirius system. The animals turned out to be tame, friendly and terribly curious. For days they surveyed the camp of the expedition and climbed into the most unexpected places. On the way home, Poloskov discovered in the spaceship three shushas, ​​which were lost there. During the flight shushiha gave birth to six men, one of which went to Alice.

Alisin Shushonok Shusha grew very quickly. Two months later he was already growing with Alice. Once Alice could not sleep. She was capricious and required the pope to include her microfilm with a fairy tale – she herself did not want to get out of a warm bed. Dad asked his daughter to wait a bit, and a few minutes later he heard that the fairy tale was on. Dad decided that Alice overcame her laziness, but it turned out that Shusha turned on the microfilm.

It turned out that Shusha can not only speak, but also read. Papa asked why Shusha had hidden so long that he was reasonable. “He was embarrassed,” – said Alice, and Shusha dropped his eyes.

About one ghost

In the summer, Alisa and her father moved to a dacha in the suburbs. During the day the girl was looked after by my grandmother, and in the evenings my father came to the dacha, who was still working at the Moscow zoo.

One evening Alice said that today a ghost will come to her. Dad decided that this is another invention of her daughter, but late at night Alice really went into the garden to meet with a ghost. She went to the apple tree, and my dad saw a fleshless blue shadow curling around the girl. Dad grabbed something heavy and rushed to save Alice. He frightened off the ghost and returned the roaring daughter to the house.

Alice did not take long offense with her father and soon gave him a note from the ghost. The ghost was a Japanese professor who invented a device that transmits substances for long distances. He decided to try the invention on himself. During the experiment, the plugs burned out in the laboratory, and the professor “dispersed in space”, while his “most concentrated part” was in the apple tree in the garden of Alicina dacha. In this condition, the professor stayed for a week. He asked Alice’s father to send a telegram to Tokyo, so that in his laboratory they screwed up the traffic jams, then he will be able to materialize.

The pope immediately ran to the monorail station and provideofonil in Tokyo. Returning, he found a guest on the porch of the guest house – an exhausted Japanese examined the herbarium of Alice and delicately ate semolina porridge. The guest thanked the father and Alice for the long time that they saved his life.

Missing guests

The earth was preparing to meet the Labucilians, residents of a distant star. Earthlings have never met with these creatures, so they prepared a very solemn meeting. Alisa did not participate in the training – she lived in the country and collected herbarium.

The Labucilians reported that they were entering Earth’s orbit, but instead of an alien ship, the guidance station had spotted a long-lost satellite. The connection with the Labucilians was interrupted. The next day they reported that they landed in a forest near Moscow and gave their coordinates. The connection was interrupted again. People organized detachments and began to look for guests, but they could not find it. There was a mass of theories. The most popular was the idea that Labucilians are invisible. People walked through the woods, holding hands to greet the guests with this impromptu network.

Alisin Dad was at the dacha when the Labuciles again contacted and reported that they were in the forest and sent the group to search for people. At this time, Alice returned from the forest with a basket of strawberries. She asked the Pope about the lost Labucilians so thoroughly that he asked if she knew anything. The girl held out a basket to Dad, in which two small little men in suits were sitting on a large berry.

Alice did not know about the guests that all humanity is looking for, took them for fairy dwarves and decided to keep them. The girl found the Labucilians in a clearing – a tiny aliens took the tall grass for the forest.

A man in the past

Dad took Alice to test the time machine, forcing her daughter to swear that she “will behave worthily.” At the experiment, which was held at the House of Scientists, a representative of the Institute of Time spoke about the history of travels in time and the arrangement of the machine.

The first attempt to get into the past was not successful for the scientists. The kitten, sent to the beginning of the twentieth century, exploded, which gave birth to a legend about the Tunguska meteorite. Then the scientists managed to build an operating time machine that sent people only in the 70s of the XX century. This machine worked very simply, it was enough to put on the chronokin belt, attach special sensors to the temples and enter the cabin.

Then the representative of the Institute of Time invited a volunteer to the stage to show him what the traveler’s equipment looks like in time. While the adults hesitated to think, Alice jumped out onto the stage. As soon as the representative put the belt and sensors on the girl, she stepped into the cabin of the time machine and disappeared.

Dad went crazy with anxiety for his daughter, and a representative assured that nothing will happen to the girl, because the second car of the time machine is in the apartment of a reliable person. He is not an employee of the Institute of Time, “but by virtue of his specialization sometimes happens in the future.”

Alice returned after three minutes with a thick old book under her arm and told that she had met an uncle from the past. Uncle, who turned out to be a famous science fiction writer, gave Alice his book. One of the academicians present in the hall noticed that the book is very rare – the first edition of a famous fantasy novel – and asked Alice to give this rarity to him, because the girl still does not know how to read. “I’ll soon learn and read it myself,” Alice said.

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Summary “A Girl With Nothing Will Happen” Bulycheva