All the guys dream of becoming adults. I also dreamed about it from an early age. I grew up to the door handle, I thought, and I will become an adult. But as time passed, I grew out of shoes, I became a small bed, and I still did not grow up. I began to understand that it was not about growth. And in what? For a long time could not answer this question. For the first time I felt like an adult when I felt sorry for my mother. For many years I did not notice her fatigue, her feelings, her pain. And thenRead More →

My class was very different from the others. If in parallel classes we fought for progress and discipline, we tried to be friendly and sincere. From the first bell, we somehow immediately rallied and became one family. Of course, we had pupils and hooligans lagging behind in their academic progress. But, when they realized that the class does not reject them, but, on the contrary, wants to help, they gradually began to correct and please the teachers and parents. A great role in the cohesion of the class was played by our First Teacher. If someone was guilty, she left the whole class after theRead More →

To begin with, I would like to say a few words about myself. My name is Marina and I’m 15 years old. I’m in the 9th form of school and my hobby is drawing. By nature I’m diligent and curious. When people ask me about the future, I have no doubt that it will be brighter and more interesting than today. Modern technologies are constantly evolving, so new professions are emerging. In 10 years I hope that I will work in a large company as a successful web designer. This is the work of my dream. After graduation I want to continue studying in thisRead More →

My favorite thing is my laptop. Today, there are so many opportunities to buy anything. If you do not like your shoes, you can buy new ones. If you want a new camera, but you do not have enough money, you can ask for help from your parents. Another alternative is to save money, and then buy it. Nevertheless, I think that such an abundance of opportunities leads to inaccurate use of things. People easily break everything and throw it away without even trying to fix it. I always try to use my accessories carefully, whether it’s a laptop or a mobile phone. My laptopRead More →

Leaving his planet The little prince goes on a journey. “It is necessary to find yourself an occupation and learn anything.” First he visits an asteroid on which the King lives. The king finds out in the little prince of a subject, because for him all people are subjects. For the king, the most important thing is to obey unconditionally. And he commanded the prince to yawn, then do not yawn, then sit, then ask. On the King’s Planet The little prince wondered why power was needed at all and who this king rules, who is completely alone on his planet. Saint Exupery does notRead More →

Every year, in the spring, when the birds sing joyfully and the lilacs blossom, the holy day for our Motherland-Victory Day-comes. We remember those who did not spare themselves in the name of victory over the fascist invaders, we remember the heroes – living and fallen. In the Great Patriotic War, not only adults, but also children participated. They were my peers, and a little older or slightly younger. The life of children during the war years was harsh, especially those who took part in hostilities, helping adults in the underground on the territory and partisan detachments. The motherland celebrated the feats of the childrenRead More →

Physical education is my favorite subject in school. Since the junior classes I had a special attitude to physical culture. I was looking forward to the physical education lesson. As a child, I was not aware of the reasons for this attitude. Simply in this lesson, you do not need to sit silently and sit still at the desk, write for a long time and listen to not always understandable explanations of the teacher, for example. mathematics. In physical education classes, it takes quite another thing – running, jumping, somersaulting, and sometimes even crawling! As a teenager, I began to realize that physical culture isRead More →

Usually a list of several proverbs is provided as a topic for such compositions. Choose the one that seems to you the most controversial or ambiguous – so you get the opportunity to reason in the composition. You can also take the expression that is especially relevant to you in this period of time – then your work will be filled with examples from life, and the reasoning will be weighed and considered. Avoid the simplest of topics, they limit the field for reflection, and often the work is reduced to the enumeration of capital truths. In the introductory part of the essay write theRead More →

Every person in life had, is and will have some friends, friends, acquaintances, comrades, colleagues and neighbors. These people appear and disappear throughout life. It happens that as a child, a person has only friends, others are different in his youth, and others are in his adult life. Rarely it happens that a person has a friend who does not leave from birth until the very old age. Many factors affect friendship. These are casual meetings, travel, new acquaintances, common interests, common work, children, and so on. In the life of every person there is an individual opinion about friendship and its role in life.Read More →

A tremendous role in my upbringing and character development was played by my brother, whose composition is being proposed for reading. My elder brother taught me honesty and courage, diligence and responsibility for my actions, tolerance in relations with others and respectful perception of nature. I’m immensely proud of my big brother and I want to grow up as a worthy person. My brother is older than me for ten years, so in my early childhood I perceived him as a dad. He was always there and was watching me tirelessly. My brother taught me how to love a book. every evening reading aloud talesRead More →

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