Man is different to man. There are no identical people, there are no “good” or “bad” people. However, in society you can quite often hear something like “The main thing is to be a good person,” or “Well, be you a man!”. And how to be a good person and what it means to be a human being at all – when people answer such questions people are lost. They do not know. Or they know, but they keep a treacherous silence… For myself, I am the best Man is a biological species, allotted by certain physical characteristics (hands, feet, head) and socio-psychological (character, cultureRead More →

All questions of adverbs (where, where, where, how many, why, why, how) All other words connecting simple sentences as part of a compound sentence (although, so far, if, if, because, because, so that.), And also (what, how, when). The words “what, how, when” can be both subordinate unions and allied words. Let us consider the cases when the named words are unions. In other cases, they are allied words. How to determine the words “what, how, when” are allied words or unions? 1) “What” – is an alliance when it can be replaced by a colon. See the rule – when you put a colonRead More →

As long as the school years do not last, the essay about which the reader’s imagination worries, eventually they end with the last trill of the call, the final exams and the farewell ball of high school students. All grievances and disappointments remain behind the closed door of the school, and graduates are sent to conquer new vital peaks. Once our mothers and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers brought us to the first class. The school line with the first bell will remain in memory for many years. The first teacher. strict but fair, led us along the seemingly huge and endless, school corridor to ourRead More →

The theme of stereotypes (patterns, patterns) of perception, thinking and behavior is so vast that it can be studied throughout life. But what if stereotypes prevent you from living the life you want now? After studying a lot of materials, I came to the conclusion that stereotypes of thinking possess the greatest deterrent and harmful force, as perception and behavior result from thinking processes. What is a stereotype? It is a habitual, established pattern of behavior or thinking in any situation. This model a person takes from the past experience of similar situations and applies unconsciously, mechanically. From this definition, with the naked eye, itRead More →

In every person’s life there must be a hobby. Despite the fact that man as a whole is created for labor and perfection of the world around, no one will ever be really happy and successful, respectively, if he does not have enough time to pursue his favorite business. Hobbies – this is a favorite thing, because it is behind him that you want to spend as much time as possible, doing exactly what you like best. Fortunately, there is a hobby in my life. Therefore, after a lot of work and serious efforts, I can be sure that there is always time for me,Read More →

Many decades have passed since the day the Great Patriotic War ended. A lot of people died then. But they all died for a just cause. Until now, we have a peaceful sky above our heads. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, for some, the great-great-grandfathers have already shed their blood to defeat the insidious and powerful enemy. It was the Great War. A holy war for all our people. It is not surprising that today a lot of films about the Great Patriotic War are being shot. This indicates how much the war was built into the memory of our people. How much grief and miseryRead More →

War. Just a word. Five letters. But how many associations awaken in us it! Pain, heroism, patriotism, longing for close ones, hatred and love. What is war? Why does it affect a person so much? To understand this issue, I decided to look into the history of mankind. Once upon a time war was for primitive people a guarantee of survival. They defended themselves against predatory beasts and attacks of other tribes. Over time, people built villages and cities, defending themselves against predators. They also learned how to breed cattle and grow bread. It seems that the need for war must have disappeared. But, havingRead More →

The book is the best source of knowledge. They are on paper, in electronic form and audiobooks. The books contain vast experience and knowledge of other people that you can use. From books we learn about the world around us, we find answers to many questions. Books teach us how to do the right thing in this or that situation. Books seem to ask us to be better. For example, after reading about someone’s exploits, you want to do the same or better. Read better every day and little by little. From this you do not get tired. All the reading is postponed in theRead More →

Every man had days when he was happy, and when he was sad. And also, there was a day after the incident, it was long impossible to forget it. And I have a day that I remember most of all, as the brightest and happiest day of my life This day is a bit of my past, but still he remembered me very much. I was then a small child when it was winter. It was a very snowy day – and there was a New Year’s Eve. Out on the street, it’s snowing, it’s getting dark, the whole family is preparing, bothering, and I’mRead More →

Any person, whatever he was and whatever character he possessed, will always make certain demands on the surrounding world and society. It is quite normal that all of us can have some dissatisfaction with the general image of the person today, so many of us probably would like to fix this image, change it a little. I’m not an exception. Looking at a modern person, I can not say that he is not ideal or at least close to the ideal in the sense that I have. Therefore, I have claims to the modern man, which I can, boldly express. After all, in order toRead More →

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