“Novel and Olga” Bestuzhev-Marlinsky in brief summary

“Novel and Olga” Bestuzhev-Marlinsky in brief summary

“It will not happen!” – said Simeon Weslav, a famous guest of Novgorod, his brother, a newcomer to the hundredth fellow Yuri Gostinny. Do not shine to the two suns in the sky! I do not want to leave my best pearl in the muddy Volkhov, so that I give Olga, my daughter, to someone who does not like her. Without a golden comb, do not comb her girl’s braids, not rich to be my son-in-law!

“Brother, Olga loves Roman, and his heart is worthy of your bags of gold, with his noble blood of boyar children in his veins.” True, he serves New Year. “

But the elder brother is late to live the mind of the younger. And Roman Iasensky had to listen to his sentence. Two tears sprang from the eyes of the young man, and he sobbing, fell on the breast of the generous intercessor of his Yuri. In those days, good people were not ashamed of their tears, they did not hide their hearts under a friendly smile, they were clearly friends and enemies.

Olga loves Roman for a long time, admires his ability to sing, playing on sonorous gusli, but moreover his stories about campaigns, battles, capturing him by the savage warriors of Tamerlane, about miraculous salvation. Therefore, despite her virtue and respect for her parents, Olga, after considerable hesitation, decides to flee with Roman in order to find her happiness far from her native city. But on the appointed night her ardent lover did not come, and no one in the city had ever seen him.


what happened the day before.

There was a holiday. New-townsmen watched the duel of German knights from Reval and Riga, the art of Lithuanian riders and themselves indulged in favorite fun-fisticuffs: the side of the Trade against the side of St. Sophia!

The blows of the bell suddenly summon new-born people to the veche. Two ambassadors appeal to them: the first – the Moscow prince Vasily Di-Mitrievich, the son of the glorious Demetrius of Don, the second – the Lithuanian prince Vitovt, the son of Kestutis. Two mighty rulers demand to break the peace with the German order of the swordsmen, to break the contracts with the Hanseatic merchants. New-citizens, on the other hand, only want peace with everyone, preserving their freedoms and the benefits of trade. That’s what people say about the veche. And those who are peace-loving and sedate, are offered to submit, in order to avoid the calamities of war. But angry Roman Yasensky is outraged by these speeches. His words concern both the common people, and eminent citizens, and the very posadnik Timofey.

And after a noisy night, in a dark night, Roman is already leaving the city wall on his beloved horse. A distant road awaits him. In the night forest falls Roman in the hands of savage robbers. They get a lot of extraction – gold and silver, which he carried with him.

Ataman of the bandits Berkut, a former noble new-born, expelled after one of the strife, dreams of serving his native city again. Learning from the charter-punishment that Roman carries the jewels to bribe the boyars of Moscow in favor of Novogorod, he with honor dismisses the messenger.

And now Roman enters the Moscow canteen. With precision he strives to fulfill the mission of the veche. On duty, but against the heart it seems he is cheerful and affable, finds friends between dignitaries of the court, learns the thoughts of the Grand Duke. And these thoughts are hostile to the New World. Roman notifies his countrymen about it. The warned New Town merchants are leaving Moscow. But on one ill-fated day the guard grabs Roman and throws him into a close, dank underground. He is waiting for execution. Only once flashed a ray of hope – an old acquaintance boyar Eustace Syta is free to pardon the criminal, but in return demands to renounce Novorod and stay forever in Moscow. But the mercy of death is preferred by Roman such princes of mercy.

While Roman awaits execution, the Moscow squads invade the Novogorodskaya land. Wrong Dvintsev give them several fortresses. Olga wakes up in the campaign of her father. Simeon Woesslav, going with the New Militant militia, promises his daughter after the victory over the despicable Muscovites to find her a better bridegroom among, but-vogorodtsev. In this way, he plunges her into even greater despair, for Olga only remembers Roman and only wants him to see her husband.

Who entered the deaf dungeon? Who cleverly sawed iron gratings with his clever hand? With whom next rushes now Roman Yasensky on a fast horse in the field free? These two silent and gloomy riders are the messengers of the ataman Berkut. And here the ataman meets his countryman. Where will we go – to our hometown? to the dear heart of Olga? or to the place of battle, where the fortress of Orlets occupied by the sworn enemy is being besieged by the New Towns? “Where there are swords and enemies!” exclaims the ardent youth.

Soon they reach a clearing, where several drunken Muscovites guard the New Town captive. Friends rush to the rescue, enemies run away cowardly, and Roman finds out in the father of Olga, Simeon Voeslav, who was so strict to him.

Now friends and comrades in the new-city army, besieged Simeon and Yuri Orlets. The first to climb the tower is the ataman of the Golden Eagle, but falls, pierced by an arrow. The novel follows him, with a triumphant sword he cuts down the shaft of the Moscow banner, but then the stronghold, enveloped in flame, crumbles in a moment, hiding in the smoke and fragments of the brave knight. Is he alive?

Return to Novogorod victorious army. Simeon Woess-lav enters his house. His daughter Olga throws himself at his neck.

“I fulfilled the promise – you have a fiance, among the New Towns the best!”

Olga covers her face with her hands, but only decides to look through a small gap between her fingers, as she sees her beloved Roman.

The young people lived happily. And happy with their happiness, Simeon Weslav, losing chess to horses and elephants to his younger brother Yuri, dropped a tear of emotion, saying: “So, you’re right, and I was to blame!”

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“Novel and Olga” Bestuzhev-Marlinsky in brief summary