1. What are the features of each of the groups of cards? Each group of cards has its own peculiarities. World maps and maps of

1. Geographers argue that the city-millionaires have an advantageous geographical position. Confirm this by analyzing the geographical location of Yekaterinburg and Perm or Perm and

The climate of South America is similar to the climate of other continents of tropical latitudes – Africa and Australia, although here the territories with

Central Asia, remained for Europeans a continuous “white spot” in the middle of the XIX century. Petr Semenov-Tian-Shansky, Nikolai Przhevalsky, Pyotr Kozlov and others made

The geological structure of South America is connected with its relief. At first glance at the physical map of the continent, it can be divided

The savanna and sparse forest zone occupies the Guiana and Brazilian plateaus and the Orinoco lowlands. Here, as elsewhere in the subequatorial belt, there are

1. What natural complexes can be identified in Mongolia? On the territory of Mongolia, one can single out natural complexes of forest-steppes and steppes, deserts,