1. Find in the text an explanation of the causes of ocean currents. What general rule is the movement of the main currents subject to?

The Indus, the Ganges with the tributary Brahmaputra, the Tigris and the Euphrates belong to the large rivers of the Indian Ocean basin. The Indus

The structure of the earth’s crust of the continent determines its relief. Considering the physical map of Africa, we can conclude that the continent consists

The territory of Australia is located in three climatic zones: subequatorial in the north, tropical in the center and subtropical in the south. In the

The physico-geographical position of Antarctica is determined by its location around the South Pole within the Southern Arctic Circle. Therefore Antarctica is the coldest continent

The area is 30.3 million km2. Population over 890 million people The highest point above sea level is Kilimanjaro. The lowest point from sea level

Due to the prevalence of dry and hot climate in Australia there are few surface waters and many underground ones. The rivers and lakes of

1. Why do you think the borders of economic regions necessarily coincide with the borders of the subjects of the Federation, and the boundaries of

The political map of North America in general terms was formed at the beginning of the 20th century. Now in the region there are 37

1. Do you think that the ratio of electricity produced at stations of different types will change in the future? The production of electricity at

1. What is the peculiarity of the spread of life in the ocean? Life in the World Ocean is widespread, but species composition and density