When the smell of melted snow appeared in the air, and people in the streets began to smile more often, when my sister, for the

From Monday to Friday, I think about the weekend, or rather about how I will spend Saturday and Sunday. I do not have many friends,

Heroism is an outstanding act, a feat for the sake of other people’s lives, independence and prosperity of the Motherland. Heroism on the battlefield requires

All of us from childhood have been taught that it is not good to lie. But why, plainly and did not explain. What is honesty

Dandelion – a simple yellow flower that grows everywhere in the spring, where there is at least a patch of land and the sun is

In Latin, the examination means “test.” And indeed, during the exam the most diverse qualities of the student are tested, from oratory to pantomime. At

The earliest surviving ancient Russian chronicle to date, “The Tale of Bygone Years” begins with a story about the campaign of Prince Oleg to the

From his birth, leading to a vast and vast world, a man tries to understand and know it. Every day he makes small discoveries for

No, probably, a family where the war would not affect the lives of people. During the Great Patriotic War, about twenty-seven million people died in

Nothing on earth can be closer, milder than a small homeland. Each person has his own homeland. Some have a big city, others have a