My favorite author is the Russian classical writer Nikolai Gogol. I like reading his stories from the series “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”. They

For many thousands of centuries people have wondered what the soul is and what the essence of the human soul is. Also for many millennia

The English are famous for their ancient customs and traditions. Some traditional British dishes, holidays and sports are known all over the world. The tradition

Many adults say: “This is how the current youth lives? It does not even have vital values, what we had!”. What do they mean? Life

This summer I rested with my cousin Seryozha in the village of Shlyakhov. I thought that for days on end I would disappear on the

Who can be rightly called a true friend? The one who by his own behavior, by his actions, will prove this, and not the one

Great literary classics, as well as our talented contemporaries, whose unique creations admire today and will certainly be in demand by tomorrow’s reader, are a

I love my school a lot. I like to spend time there. For me, the days when I miss school very quickly and, every weekend,

I believe that love of animals is an important trait in the character of a person. Kachalov before the meeting with Yesenin imagined him to

Ask yourself, can you live without music? You can not, right? People who have excluded music from their lives practically do not exist. Without her