In society, it is considered that critical thinking is a process that is normal for any person, or even a natural way of thinking. But

Among all the subjects that we study in school, I most like the lessons of literature. From early childhood I really like reading different books.

Russia. For some, this is an empty sound, for others – a huge, vast country called Homeland, and for me it’s even more than the

I was born, studied and live, to this day in the city of Voronezh. This is Central Black Earth. My city is already 430 years

Great and rich in Russian. With its help you can express everything you want. Oral folk art passes from generation to generation. These are songs

The phenomena of nature that are associated with the changing seasons are called seasonal. Listopad just belongs to such seasonal phenomena that occur independently of

In Russian literature there are many stories about true friendship, but I particularly liked the story of AI Kuprin “The White Poodle”. The author wrote

And then came the spring. And with the advent of spring, all nature around is transformed. First, the days increase, and the temperature in the

Until recently, we dreamed of buying a ticket to one of the boarding houses on Dombai, went skiing in the Hibiny. For some time, “new

It is very important for the diversified development of babies to pay attention to the seasonal changes of the world around us. For example, with