The famous Russian artist Petr Konchalovsky devoted a lot of his works to nature. He painted flowers in vases, still lifes with fruits, animals. One

English cuisine, like all British, is considered quite conservative. Part of this is true: the English do not like to experiment with food, like the

The famous Roman rhetorician Mark Fabius Quintilian (35 – circa 100 AD) is the author of an extensive work in twelve books “Rhetorical Instructions.” The

When Chichikov went to town N, readers knew practically nothing about him, but as the events developed in the poem, we began to understand a

Sons of gratitude and love of parents – this is the problem that SN Roerich discusses. The author reveals it on the example of his

In the history of Ancient Greece there is a heroic page connected with the struggle of the Athenians against Persian aggression. In the Battle of

I really love to read. However, many of my acquaintances – peers and even adults – think that reading is a useless occupation that takes

Environmental problems can be called a number of factors that mean the degradation of our natural environment. Often they are caused by direct human activities.

Charity is quite popular these days. People have become more open and kind. In general, charity means voluntary provision of assistance to those who need