I believe that every person is talented. But each one’s talent manifests itself in different areas. Someone draws well, someone achieves success in sports, someone

In our family there is a personal library. It is small, within the capabilities of a standard two-bedroom apartment. It has about 2,5 thousand books.

Ukrainian rushnik from ancient times was a symbol of Ukraine, like viburnum, and willow, and Ukrainian song. But Ukrainian folk songs are already singing a

Many scientists believe that the birds originated from small dinosaurs – terapods. The main thing here was the appearance of feathers – as a result,

A yay buzzing over the cripple. The snow is strewn all around, and the light from him painfully cuts his eyes. Suddenly there was a

At all times a person aspired to independence. But what does it mean to be free? This question is asked by many, but everyone has

Now many people can not imagine their lives without sports! Football players, hockey players, gymnasts, amateurs and just ordinary people. People who choose sports! But

Iron rusts without finding an application, the standing water rots or freezes in the cold, but the human mind, without finding an application, withers. Leonardo

How to write a comparative description of two characters? You may be asked to write an essay in which you compare two characters of one