Now there are so many different professions that you can get confused when choosing. Rapid development of some branches of science and technology contributes to

On Saturday evening, my father told me: “Get ready, Vovka, tomorrow we’ll go listen to the orchestra.” “Did you buy the tickets?” I asked. Dad

War. These four horror-stricken years will never become empty words for any of us. People remember pain, anguish and suffering. We remember that great-grandfathers gave

In my opinion of course that both the book and the computer has its pros and cons. Let’s disassemble them. The computer certainly has its

The hero of the story, Petr Petrovich, hunting, got lost in the forest and went out to a place that the local inhabitants called Bezhinym

Around a lot of nice and even beautiful people, but like not all. This is, probably, because the appearance here does not play a major

Kharkov is a large industrial and cultural center of Ukraine. I am happy that I live in this city, where there are many museums, theaters,

I really love to read. I like to experience the adventures of each hero, to be carried in time and space. It’s always interesting to

I never doubted the need to learn Russian. There are many reasons for this: Firstly, I am Russian and live in Russia – I just

Camomile is a very interesting plant. A modest flower, it seems to be quite unpretentious. Although there are different types of chamomile: small, field and