For me the best example of intelligence is my mother. She grew up in a family where special attention was paid to education. This was

Every person ever asks himself this uneasy question: is it easy to be a Man? And usually this issue does not arise during periods of

Hardly anyone thinks that the widely used word “population” or its synonym “population” first arose as scientific concepts. It happened 1,5-2 centuries ago. The emergence

My favorite sport is football. Sport is the best that exists for raising one’s spirit, maintaining the physical form and health of a person. So

Can I do without books? If you ask this question, then no one will take it seriously. Of course not. Books are both a source

What do the words “fair play”, “fair rule”, “fair judge”, “fair man” mean for you? The concept of “justice” has arisen in human society for

A very correct Latin expression, because nothing is given in vain in life. Of course, if you did not catch luck with the tail (again,

In family communication, strangely enough, we do not always show respect for each other. What then can we talk about when talking about outsiders? People