When I was four years old, my aunt gave me a tiny yellow chicken. I tightly pressed this charming fluffy creature to myself and from

Throughout the history of the development of civilization, man increasingly exploits nature and its resources, not realizing that when they are exhausted and nature “falls

The beginning of the reign of Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Protection of Russia from the nomads. After the death of Svyatoslav in Kiev, a quarrel broke out

My mother’s name is Svetlana Nikolaevna Tupitsyna. She has been working at school No. 1 as a primary school teacher for 17 years. I believe

We with the daddy and mum live in the big brick house on the fifth floor. Our family moved here only six months ago, but

An instructive work on birds reveals to us the unpretentious secrets of diligence and the survival of these feathered creatures. Thanks to the tireless care

Music and cinema exist inseparable from when they came up with sound films. But even at a time when phrases pronounced by the characters were