Most people in our country work five days a week, but students and schoolchildren have always worked six days a week. Only recently some schools

Animals have no name, Who told them to call? Uniform suffering – Their invisible destiny. N. Zabolotsky Hello! My name is Linda. I’m a Rottweiler

My family is proud of our orchard. Several generations of our clan participated in its creation. The garden comes very close to the house –

Mathematics is given to me with difficulty. Dad laughs and says that we have hereditary. Nevertheless, he became an engineer – as they say, skill

The Tula wooden laces… They are curiously curved along the facades of old houses, making each of them warm, recognizable, unlike the others. Hands of

In the modern age of the development of information technologies, some aspects of improving people’s lives, in particular mobile phones, have become so popular and

I do not know anything better, more difficult, Interesting person M. Gorky The state is us, the Ukrainian people, therefore our country is called democratic:

“Life is short, art is eternal,” the ancient Romans said. This expression means that the values ​​embodied in works of art are eternal and do

At first the snow was not very good. This first snow was not loose, but like sand. From such snow it is difficult to play

We live in a time of rapid development of technology. The technique is everywhere: phones, tablets, computers, huge televisions, and even “smart” watches. What is