Biography of Steve Wozniak

Biography of Steve Wozniak

Stephen Gary Wozniak is an American computer scientist who is better known as one of the founders of Apple, and also as a developer of the Apple II computer.

Inventing the computer “Apple”

The son of an engineer at Lockheed Martin, Steve Wozniak, was born on August 11, 1950. Although he was not a diligent student in the conventional sense of the word, Wozniak had the ability to create working copies of electrical equipment literally from sketches.

During his work at the University of California at Berkeley, through a mutual friend Steve Wozniak met with Steve Jobs, who at that time was still at school. Later they merged to establish the company “Apple Computer” on April 1, 1976. This prompted Wozniak to leave the work in “Hewlett-Packard”.

Working in a family garage, he and Jobs tried to create a computer with a more user-friendly interface than IBM’s computers at the time. Wozniak came up with products, and Jobs advertised them. Shortly after the company was founded, Wozniak created the computer “Apple I”, the design of which was for the most part coined in the bedroom and the garage of Jobs. With Wozniak’s knowledge and the ability to sell Jobs, they were ideally suited for a joint cause. Wozniak wanted the next version of the computer – “Apple II” – to be mass-produced by the company, and by 1983, the total price of the company’s shares was $ 985 million.


left the company in 1987.

Personal life

In February 1981, Wozniak survived a plane crash when his private jet crashed during take-off from the Santa Cruz Skypark airport. His return to normal life took two years, for which he healed the injuries and struggled with memory loss.

Not exposing his private life for show, Steve Wozniak is married to Janet Hill – head of the educational projects of the company “Apple”. Not so known as Jobs, Wozniak still appeared on the air of such programs as Kathy Griffin’s show “My Sucks” and in the eighth season of “Dancing with the Stars” of ABC.

Late work

After the accident and recovery Wozniak founded numerous companies, one of which is “CL 9” – the company that produced the first remote control.

Having the nickname of one of the most creative engineers in the Silicon Valley, in 1990, Wozniak, along with Mitchell Kapor, set up a non-profit human rights organization called the Electronic Frontiers Fund. The organization is engaged in escorting hackers in criminal cases against them. In 2002, Wozniak founded a company called “Chariot of Zeus”, which developed wireless GPS technology.

After the company was closed in 2006, Wozniak publishes the autobiography book “Steve Jobs and I. The Genuine History of Apple.” In 2008, Wozniak joined the Fusion-io start-up from Salt Lake City, where he took the role of chief scientific adviser.

Criticism of the film “Jobs”

The long-awaited adaptation of the biography of Steve Jobs was released in 2013 with Ashton Kutcher in the role of Jobs and comedian Josh Gad in the role of Wozniak. To negative reviews of the film on the part of critics, Wozniak added his own on the website of Gismodo, in which he wrote: “I’m sorry for the many people I know well and whose relationship with Jobs and the company were not displayed in the right way.” Later, he also wrote that the differences between Jobs in life and the film mainly occurred because of Kutcher and his game.

Kutcher responded that Wozniak did not want to help the filmmakers because he was already working on a film about a technological tycoon. Kutcher said that the information Wozniak was absolutely useless for the creators of the film.

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Biography of Steve Wozniak