Biography of Lucas Cranach

Biography of Lucas Cranach

Lucas Cranach is a German painter, engraver.

As the son of the artist, Lucas has always lived in Wittenberg since 1504. Kranach’s biography is known as the history of the artist at the court, serving three successive elected Saxons. Cranach headed the workshop, twice was elected burgomaster. In addition, Lucas was a close friend of Martin Luther, whose doctrine he supported in his numerous drawings, woodcut engravings.

Soon Cranach was called the artist of the Reformation. He was a fast, fruitful artist. Naive, bizarre, often awkward in his prints, he, however, had a fresh, original style, a warm, rich palette. Portraits of Cranach are extremely successful.

Among the most famous works of the artist: “Repose in Egypt”, “Judgment of Paris”, “Adam and Eve”, “Crucifixion”. Among the famous portraits in the biography of Lucas Cranach is John Frederick, self-portrait. Also, the artist was a perfect master of miniatures. He executed several engraving boards, designs for wood engravings.

Son and disciple of Lucas, Lucas Cranach the Younger, continued his father’s tradition, taking over his workshop, signature, and popularity. Their work is often indistinguishable.

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Biography of Lucas Cranach