Biography of Konstantin Khabensky

Biography of Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Yuryevich Khabensky is an actor, Honored Artist of Russia.

Konstantin Khabensky was born in Leningrad, on January 11, 1972. After a short stay in the northern capital, in the biography of Khabensky moved to Nizhnevartovsk together with his family. After school I entered the aviation technical school. But having studied for three years, he left.

Then Constantine simultaneously engaged in several small works. Being a mount at the theater “Saturday”, decided to link his fate with acting. To this end, in 1990 he entered the Leningrad LGITMiK – Institute of Theater, Music, Cinematography. In 1994, the first film with Khabensky’s participation was published: “Whom God Will Send”. After graduating from the university in the biography of Konstantin Khabensky, the year was held at the Perekrestok Theater. Then for the first time began to conduct television programs. Then he played mostly second roles in the theater “Satyricon”.

The first roles for the actor Konstantin Khabensky got by accident. For the first time he played a more important role in the film “Natasha”, then in “Women’s Property”. After this came the following films by Khabensky: “Fan,” “House for the rich,” “National Security Agent.” After the series “Slaughter League” actor Konstantin Khabensky became truly famous. However, he did not stop speaking at the theater.

In the filmography of Khabensky, the paintings “Night Watch”, “Day Watch” should be highlighted. This is one of the most famous roles of the actor. The last known roles in the biography of Konstantin Khabensky – in the films “The Irony of Fate. Continuation”, “Admiral”. The wife of Khabensky Anastasia in 2007 gave birth to his son.

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Biography of Konstantin Khabensky