Biography of Christina Orbakaite

Kristina Edmundovna Orbakaite – singer, actress, Honored Artist of Russia.

Cristina was born on May 25, 1971 in Moscow to a well-known family. Cristina’s mother is the prima donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, and her father is the artist and director Mykolas Edmundas Orbakas. Not surprisingly, since childhood Christina Orbakaite’s biography was different from her peers. At the age of 7, Christina was first shown on television. The girl already then perfectly sang and danced.

Popularity in the biography of Orbakaite as an independent personality was obtained after the movie “Scarecrow”. Then she performed together with the ballet “Rezital”, “Todes”, starred in films. And in 1992 she performed several songs that were included in...

Orbakayte’s first album “Fidelity”.

Education in the biography of Christina Orbakaite was received at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. Christina continued to star in films, sing, performed in the theater – the Moscow Art Theater, the Yermolova Theater. The second album “Zero hours zero minutes” was released in 1996, followed by the albums “You” in 1998, “The woman who…” in 1999, “May” in 2000, “The Migratory Bird” in 2003. In 2005, album “My life”, in 2008 – “You hear – it’s me”. Several times took part in the shooting of musicals. Among other famous film roles in the biography of Orbakaite – roles in the films “Limit,” “The Moscow Saga”, “The Ancestral Exchange,” “Love-Carrot,” “Conspiracy.”

Biography of Christina Orbakaite