Biography of Christ

Biography of Christ

Hristo is a Bulgarian-American painter, was born in the town of Gabrovo under the name of Hristo Vladimirov Yavashev.

In his biography Hristo studied in Sofia, Vienna, Paris. His early experiments on installation led to the creation of a device for wrapping ordinary objects in fabrics and other materials. Thus, an artificial cover was created, which simultaneously concealed, showed and transformed objects.

Since 1958, Hristo worked with his wife and artistic partner Jean-Claude Guillebon. She was born in 1935 in Casablanca, studied at the University of Tunisia. The couple met in Paris, and then moved to New York in 1964. Hristo’s biography is known as the history of the leading artist in the direction of conceptual art.

Hristo and Jean-Claude specialize in very large outdoor works. “Running Fence” is a flickering curtain of fabric, more than 24 miles long. Other works included a floating bright pink fabric in Biscayne Bay on the nearby 11 islands, a construction of thousands of umbrellas 6 m high, wrapping the Berlin Reichstag in silver fabric.

On the paths of Central Park in New York, Hristo and his wife created a yellow-orange vinyl gate of 7,500 rectangles. Each rectangle was five-meter high, half bent down, with folded nylon colorful plating. The fabric moved from every breath of the breeze, and from the change in the light was poured. This structure was completed in 2005.

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Biography of Christ